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Cold War Era Magazines Military Technology, International Defense Review


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A collection of Cold War-era magazines covering Ground, Naval, and Air equipment of the time as wells as TOEs, tactics, strategy, current conflicts, etc. Buyer pays shipping. Pics of the magazines are available on request, as well as contents. Email is tbeyer4562 at aol dot com.

Enola's World's Major Armies 1981 TOEs for all major combatants of the time - most European countries, USA, Russia, plus Cuba, South Africa, Middle East, Japan, India, Pakistan $8

Military Technology World Defense Almanacs 1990-91; 1991-92; 1992-93; 1993-94; 1994-95 $8 each basically each magazine is a copy of the IISS The Military Balance, lists army, navy, and air force equipment holdings for all countries as well as organization (divisions, brigades, etc.), as well as information like population, area, coastline, languages, literacy rate, government, economy, religion, GDP, manpower, etc. Awesome resource especially for the more obscure countries of the world.

Military Technology magazines $2 each, buy more than 5 and they are $1.50 each, buy more than 11 and they are $1 each. High quality magazine with lots of color photos, lots of details on all the cool weapons (ground, air, naval) of the Cold War era, especially U.S., Soviet, European, and Asian countries.

1981 Issues 21-25, 27

1982 Issues 1-3,5,8

1983 Issues 1,3,4,8,10

1984 Issues 2,8

1985 Issues 11,12

1986 Issues 3,4,6-9

1987 Issues 9,12

1988 Issue 3

1989 Issues 2-4,7-9

1990 Issues 2-9,11,12

1992 Issues 4-7,9,11

1993 Issues 2-12

1994 Issues 2-9,11,12

1995 Issues 3-8

International Defense Review magazines, similar to Military Technology, $2 each, buy more than 6 and they are $1.50 each, buy all 11 and it is $10 total.

1981 Issue 5

1984 Issue 5

1987 Issues 2,4,8,10,11

1988 Issue 8

1989 Issue 2

1992 Issue 8

1993 Issue 3

Journal of Military Ordnance ('Armor and Artillery Equipment and Warfare of the 20th Century and Beyond') covers lots of obscure artillery and armor from many countries, lots of great photos $3 each, buy them all for $25. Published every 2 months.

1997 January, March, May

1998 January

1999 January, May, July, September, November

2000 January, March, May, July, September, November

2001 January, March, May, July

Flight International Great resource for aircraft and missiles of the Cold War era. $5 each

World's Air Forces 1989

World's Air Forces 1991

Military Aircraft of the World 1981

World Missile Survey 1983

Commercial Aircraft of the World 1987

Air Force Magazine $5 each

The Military Balance 1982-83, 1984-85

Soviet Aerospace Almanac 1987 All Soviet space equipment, missiles, aircraft, organization, lots of details like Top Soviet Aces of World War II, pictures of military badges, Soviet Theater Estimates, etc.

International Defense Review Editorial Supplements high-quality magazines concentrating on a single subject. $3 each

1986 Wheeled Tactical and Utility Vehicles

1986 Tracked and Wheeled Light Armored Vehicles

1985 Fast Naval Combat Craft and their Equipment

1987 Small Warships

1980 Warships and Naval Systems

1978 Light Armored Vehicles

Ground Defense International Armies and Weapons May/June 1979 $2, articles include:

Satory 1979 Visitors Guide

The French Army

Monorama: ERC-90S Sagaie and ERC-90 Lynx

Soldier of Fortune's Combat Weapons ('The Guide to International Military Firepower') $2 each

Spring 1985, Summer 1985, Spring 1986, Summer 1986 The Spring 1986 issue has a great article on North Korean Combined Arms Brigades (organization, equipment, tactics)
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