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Gulf Coast I&i 2019

Harold Jones

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Day seven of post I and I:


Schedule: Phone repair and Science Museum.




Got woken up by the canine alarm clock. Fortunately Harrie jumped on the bed. She's the lighter one and Rosie just barely refrained from doing the same or licking my face.


The phone's display isn't repairable at all or not in time or it cost too much depending on who you ask.


At the science museum we saw lot's of fossils, dinosaurs and relics.


Made a quick visit to a Costco looking for Hershey's before RTB.


Next up: Don't know and return home(=Europe) in the evening.

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Day eight of post I and I:


Schedule: Return home.


Execution: Got up early, had a large breakfast with veterans of the local American Legion, went a bit late minute shopping, gun watching and knife buying. Lunch, walked Rosie around in the blinding sun and off the airport we went.


No knifes in the carry on luggage, neither any cavity searches. And now we wait to vanish in the dark. Visually and communication vise.


Next up: Exiting Britain.

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Day eight part two and day nine of post I&I:


Flight to London:


My reserved seat was sort of broken. The backrest would not go 100% in the up position and the reading light if the second seat I took(rear of the plane was empty-ish) didn't work, though I could turn on the light for a seat in the row behind me. Apparently the plane's an old girl close to retirement. Slept through a third of the flight. One way to reduce the urge to hydrate. Funny about that, the blue IPA has now a different name. It wasn't Indian Ale any more but Speedster.


And I'm finally away from Denver's utterly dry air. The nose appreciates it. The AC of the 747 is not as loud as that of the one we had on the way to NOLA. In London Jose and I went separate ways or terminals.


The flight to Düsseldorf was late. The passengers were too dumb to store their small personal items under the seats so there is enough room in the racks for the large ones. BA saw that coming and tried to have as much lager carry on checked in but some went into the plane with the suitcases despite being told to wait and check them in at the boarding gate.


Cost us 20 minutes on take off and a few more in Düsseldorf AC we missed our slot at the gate.


Anyway, I'm in the train home, so we can call this I&I over. It was certainly a success.

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Good(insert time of day in your place). Some pictures from the I&I that I uploaded from the phone.


Cape Canaveral: https://postimg.cc/gallery/yrrp137i/


Red Rocks and the Garden of Gods: https://postimg.cc/gallery/v3n5vf4a/


'Bama and Drum: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1zfts8hmm/


Wings over the Rockies: https://postimg.cc/gallery/3e39m8hp6/

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