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Gulf Coast I&i 2019

Harold Jones

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How bad is that is the airport security check in Germany?




(From a limited experience of flying to Germany once few years ago) I have found it no worse than any other country.

Word of advice - get a belt and shoes w/o any metal parts.

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Nothing extreme Leo. You'll have to take your laptop/tablet out of your carry on bag at the x-ray machine. Liquids over 3 oz except medicines are prohibited. Empty water bottles are fine. Not sure about on the euro side but in the US if you are over 65 you can keep your shoes and jacket/sweater on.


Also if you are not flying direct to New Orleans you will clear customs at your port of entry and then have to go through security to reach your connecting point. That screening will be the same.

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Typical tanknet tempest in a tankette. We will be spending two days outside Mobile which is more or less the mid point of the trip. The hotels I've looked at all have guest laundry facilities, and there are numerous laundromats in the area. So for those who don't want to pack steamer trunks clean clothes should not be an issue.

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The first thing you learn on an I&I is that there are no 'quick' anything. Firstly because the average tanknetter is not especially fast, and secondly because no matter how obscure the subject at least two of any given group of tanknetters will be deeply interested in it and want to spend four or five times the allocated time reviewing every placard, artifact and map.

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