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This thread is for TO&E discussions about Tankovia. I would like to kick it off by picking a colour for our field uniforms and my emphasis is on having one that isn't the same as either the Bulgarians, Turks, Greeks or Serbians. This leaves us mainly with greys so we should pick some one. I am partial to RAL7013 myself with more comfortable turned down collars with color of service backing tabs for rank. Piping only for field grade officers.


The traditional kalpak alright for keeping your head warm in winter but the lack of a visor means sun in the eyes when shooting. So I propose something like the Austrian Bergemutze with a leather peak for officers and a woollen one for enlisted.

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Would you like to know more



that looks more like 7012 basalt-grey


RAL7013 is brown-gray: https://www.ralcolorchart.com/ral-classic/ral-7013-brown-grey


7002 olive-grey

7008 khaki-gray


6014 and 6003 should work as well. I guess because of colour matching issues fro different batches, the actual cloth dye colour is going to oscillate between those anyway. ;)

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I picked RAL 7013 because of the Austrians! It's a good all round colour IMO. Although it would be a lot later. At this time they have feldgrau and hechtgrau.


Speaking of Austrians, I propose to buy surplus Austro-Hungarian M17 Stahlhelm and have them painted in a matching colour.

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