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Christmas, Nine Days Away

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So for those of Sam who recently had Thanksgiving, and those not of Sam, what looks to be on the table at Yuletide?


Here in sunny Australia, people will be enjoying prawns (shrimp) ande other seafood, mangoes, cherries, avocadoes, cold sliced ham and turkey. A variety of cheese and crackers. For those who are unable to afford that, cold roast chicken.


Fruit cake, Christmas pudding with custard, or perhaps a large piece of pavlova.


When the temperature is in the high 90s, hot roast meals do not appeal.




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We'll be doing a small bone in ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, scalloped corn, and gingerbread for dessert.


If I was heading back to Iowa to spend Christmas with the family, on Christmas Eve when everybody heads over to Aunt Betty's we'd be having Made-Rites*, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, various appetizer trays with cold shrimp, raw vegetables and probably ranch dressing as a dip and a plate of sliced summer sausage from the local butcher and various sliced cheeses with crackers. Dessert would be pumpkin pie, ginger bread and chocolate cream pie or banana cream pie. Although the menu is variable based on the number of cousins/cousin's children and family friends who show up and what they decide to bring.


On Christmas day it varies depending on who we spend it with but assuming it's the in-laws we'd change out the ham for a smoked turkey and add dressing.


*Made-Rite info and recipe https://dineanddish.net/maid-rite-sandwiches/

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Last few years I have been meeting up with friends at a local Chinese joint for dinner on Christmas day. Probably going to do the same this year, and chow down on some sinfully bad but good Americanized Chinese food. I see orange beef and General Tso's in my future.

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Roast turkey crown with goose fat roasted potatoes, honey-glazed parsnips, brussel sprouts with chestnuts, carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce and yorkshire pudding.


And pigs in blankets.


I shall probably find a chablis to go with this.


Dessert may be after post-carb coma but should be christmas pudding with brandy sauce. I shall probably go down the custard route instead of the sauce.


Ineed to get my annual bottle of Pedro Jimenez as I need a good dose of liquid raisin as a digestif. Alternatively, I have locally made sloe gin.


For a few days after there will be cold sliced turkey cuts, turkey curry, etc.


And chocolate. There must be chocolate.

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