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Lewis Machine & Tool Wins Estonian Contract

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HK has gotten very good at playing the procuremenyt game and does it better than most. They are aided and abetted by piss poor project managers who are inept and spend all their time CYA. The product is OK but they are superb at navigating government bureaucracy. Most military PMs have limited actual subject matter expertise and nobody understands that parts are consumables. Militaries generally are very poor shooters as a whole and officers tend to be worse of all.


this for one, they know their way around in big gov bureaucracies as the ymostly sell to police and militaries. Also in a first deal there are normally training, tools and suchnincluded which makes each gun of course more expensive. But yeah, the HK416 is heavy and expensive. It goes bang and killed bin Laden. But otherwise I am not too thrilled wiht the desing either. It was quick fix for a problem the US Special Squirrels had, but provisional stopgap solution have a tendency to stick around.

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