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Impressive Pic Of Ijn Musashi

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That link appeared in Warship International Vol LVI, No 2 (June 2019)


It caught my attention because again it showed IJN warships at that blog:


The link is false though as it does not connect to the pic shown in the WI issue, scanned below.


Jason, if you are reading this, perhaps you can explore the blog and show us where the IJN files are?



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Ken, there is a small drop down menu on the left side of the webpage called カテゴリを選択 in which within it are many options that the pictures are sorted into. Although after some exploring through the various manus, it was difficult to find your picture, for example, its not in the "IJN Battleship (13)" or the "IJN (161)" option. But I found your picture with the search function. Looks lime the colorization process was different then the one used in yoir picture but looks like both are from the same original picture.



Here are some of the other options in the drop down menu.




Navy by Country (18)



...within that option are 18 countries. Here is the US Navy and Royal Navy.




There are many pictures not in the national or ship class based options such as the categories by date such as this "WW2 1944-1945" option.



And lastly, the blog is not only navy stuff but has air and ground such as this "AFV" option


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