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Exotic Foods (To You) That You Want To Try...

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I found an Ethiopian place close to my favorite Indian place. I want to give it a try, but I literally have no prior experience with Ethiopian. SO what other exotics do you want to try or have tried?

Not my intention to sound cruel, but I find the phrase "Ethiopian(restaurant)place" a bit of an oxymoron.

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I want to try Buffalo Wild Wings because apparently they are so good its the reason people are trying to invade the USA.



Apparently one of the people in the Migrant Caravan that were trying to invade the USA told reporters that the reason he wanted to get into the USA is for Buffalo Wild Wings. Now with that sort of recommendation you just know they have to be good. But his research wasn’t that good because apparently you can get them in Mexic as well which is where he was at the time.
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Gulf Coast seafood is pretty impressive, but make sure you get it from good places, ask the locals where the best fish is to be found.

I am looking forward to the seafood available on the US gulf coast.

Go on, someone "Seafood diet - I see food and eat it"...

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