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The LSW was briefly reintroduced as a DMR - its replacement is the L129A1 DMR (an LMT 7.52x51 AR). The L7 replaces two Minimi Paras, which replaced two LSWs, which replaced one L7 :) As for an LMG with a capacity the same as the standard rifle, the USMC seem to be OK with it having replaced the M249 with the M27.





A new idea becomes an old idea which then is released as a new idea again! Thanks for the information, Chris. I'd be interested to know just how well the LSW actually performed in a DMR role?


The L7 looks a fairly substantial and heavy piece of kit to lug around the battlefield. Its a shame the Minimi Para couldn't have been rechambered for a 7.62mm round?

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Regular PK. Push through links are just less reliable as far as the action stroke. That is why PK can be light and reliable. Use pull out links when possible.

PK is going to be a science project some day. I have my cunning plan already.


But even in .308 a PK is more durable than a Minimi or Maximi.




How is durability with the south african SS-77 and its derivatives or the israeli Negev MG?

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When the customer does not ask for something else of course H&K sells their own mounting system. Vendor lock-in and all that.





Bulgarian 7.62x51 PKM still uses pull-push.


Does it? :huh:






it does, but needs a different belt.


I think the Arsenal MG M2 takes M13 and DM1 link belts. Adn thus must have been converted to push through. The MG1M is only offered in three line cartridge on the Arsenal website.




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There is also a Serbian mod that keeps pull-push and uses NATO standard belts.




Oh, that in a PKT like form and I want that in my Leo2 ^_^ (one can dream)



Interesting that they have given up on the filled out stocks and use the typical PK stock with the cutout.

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They are private company and use whatever someone requires.

They cooperated with Slovenian company Arex in "Rex Zero" pistol, but than again both companies were practically made by former Zastava people.

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Very doubtful, not enough bribes involved. :(

PS. They make aluminium AK receiver (with internal steel reinforcements) as Zastava planned but still did not make for a "modular rifle M17" project.

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