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I have to say that the Submarine event has been very well done, the battle mode is pretty good, although it takes a lot to master a sub and deal out the damage. I would only say once a DD gets on top of you, your pretty much done, sitting still at depth should provide a bit more cover. BB players driving directly into a subs firing range and pretending they are DD is a bit of a problem, but that's player based and not WG issue.


I found it a bit boring, specially if DDs die soon (which wasn't rare) at which point subs become invulnerable and you are just waiting for them to kill all. That said, I managed to sink a sub with battleship secondaries...

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i saw Flambass playing the mode and decided that it was ultimately going to be dull for exactly the combination of the above two posts - you're doomed if a DD camps directly above you and you don't have a team-mate to clear it away, and why on earth would anyone go into that mode with a BB?

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