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4 minutes ago, Markus Becker said:

Nick meets Harry Yeide on the Twitch channel of World if Tanks NA. 24th, 18 to 20 hours CDT*. 




* Balls, that's 0100 to 0300 hours in my place. 

Sleep is optional :D

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18 minutes ago, shep854 said:

How could NIck have gotten it so wrong??? 🤓

Did Nick get it wrong too? I know that the Bovington museum just put out a tank chats video on the T-62, where the presenter said the pins aren't retained, while the video shows hex nuts on the outer end of each of the pins.

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It's not a click click sound from the track pins, that's a whack whack sound.

I can't recall if Bovington has more than one T-62, but some of them definitely did not have retained track pins. The Littlefield T-62 would have been such a vehicle, complete with the 'kock-them-back-in' ramps at the rear hull. Given how long the tank was in service, a change in tank design would not have been impossible.


Same with the Tiran 6 in Latrun, now I look at it.


The real question is whether any T-54/55s came with impact pins.

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Didn't the 1980's T-62M modernisation scheme change the track type of the T-62 (and the T-55M most likely)?  

I have to say the T-62 video has been one of the best ones for me so far as its one of my favourite AFV's!  Some good video footage of the T-62 as well; very impressive.

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In the East German Army, the change of tracks began in the late 1970s.  With the feeding of the T-55A. Already in 1980 all active tank regiments and tank battalions had the new track with closed rubber metal joints. New sprockets also had to be installed. 

But in the end it's a question of money.  Many armies used the old tracks as long as the warehouses were filled with them.  And when buying a tank got cheaper with old tracks, ok, then you looked into the money box and then made a decision.

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