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Il2 Sturmovik : Tank Crew

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Haven't bought this yet but have some of the other modules that come with the Mk III and T-34/76. Enjoyable so far but for multi player they desperately need to have AA vehicles or at least AA MGs on each tank. Damned annoying to spawn into a wheel of death of IL-2s or Ju-87s...

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Someone made a good point on the dcs forum, if you have about 35 players a side, you are going to have real issues having a significant armoured force AND a top cover and/or cas force. I forget how many slots they have in IL2, but it didnt appear to be THAT full, and these are some seriously big maps.


All that said, I really respect the IL2 guy's, they are doing some good work. The Fw190A3 is indecent fun.

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This is a beautiful depiction of tanks, but it has no soul. You're effectively playing for a very expensive screenshot simulator. And unless it's changed since it was officially released, it's very much a tank game inside of a flight sim. The control scheme is complicated and difficult to figure out when it doesn't need to be, and remapping the controls is similarly a headache. I remember trying out the SU-122 in one of the quick battles just to try it out and I kept getting hammered by halftracks and Stug IIBs because I couldn't figure out how to 1) get to the gunner position (it apparently was synonymous with an airplane turret gunner), 2) how to align the gun and 3) how to fire the damn gun. None of these were intuitive, and looking them up in the control scheme was byzantine. 

I last tried it over the summer, but I'm not sure how much has improved since then and, frankly, I have no desire to figure it out. 


This is probably not the WWII tank sim you're looking for, despite how superficially gorgeous it is. It's a slower, slightly less multiplayer oriented game than War Thunder. 

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I must admit, my interest wavered since it turned out there was no dynamic campaign and was a series of scenario based campaigns. If there is anything that deserves to use the dynamic campaign engine in IL2 its the tank sim.

Well, ill keep watching the reviews, but thanks for your input Hellfish, you are tanksimmer of old I know.

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