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The Little Known Ww2 Battle Of Russia Vs Japan, Manchuria

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Going back to the first post (about the Soviet invasion in 1945), the KIA ratio (12k USSR vs 20k Japanese) is pretty surprising given the disparity in forces, mechanization, etc. I wonder if either Japan put up a much tougher fight than most accounts give them credit for, or the sources are suspect (no idea either way).

It was combination of unfamiliar climate and diseases with "unfair" fight from Japanese side (like positioning water sources and stuff).
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Germany had a large chemicals industry. As a result, they were able to make synthetic fuel from coal. Suppose the Japanese licensed this technology from their German allies? Then, less need to go south as aggressively as they did. If the oil supply line isnt there the Philippines arent a threat to it. I realize there were other raw materials there.

I kind of feel the Japanese wanted to grab what they could while the Europeans were in disarray.

Japan had fights with the Soviet Union, China, European colonies, and the US. Thats way more enemies than their population and resources could defeat. Make peace with the Soviets as they did, leave the US alone, trade with the colonies, and focus on China. That would have been manageable.

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