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Security Of Taiwan And Senkaku Islands

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20 big doors. A company's worth of AFVs maybe.

Article says it is for 40 standard vehicles (well corresponding to gates number, as usually vehicles are parked in two rows), 3208 square meters, heated. - in combination with roll-up, not old open-away gates it is significant improvement to winter and bad weather conditions readiness.

Note long vehicle parked outside -


it is MOBD (МОБД - Машина Обеспечения Боевого Дежурства, combat duty support vehicle)


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It is the Soviet era Fortified Position Unit. Lots and lots of heavy weapons etc.


I'm surprised that the coastal artillery system "Bereg" isn't also deployed there as well. That's one weapon system I never see mentioned much these days.

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Just what the Northern Territories needed, more Russian heavy weapons.


Not conducive to the reaching of any kind of understanding between Putin and Abe in various ways.

Defensive heavy weapons. Let's face it, there is no way the Russians are ever going to give those islands back.

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Abe will probably spend the rest of his life traveling to Moscow to that end. Another visit is scheduled for September.


The recent cancellation of foreign minister level meetings between Japan and Russia in Bangkok do not bode well for it.


The number of times Abe has needed to raise the subject of it is becoming farcial in various ways.

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