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Military-Themed Music Videos


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The best war metal in recent memory is Sabaton, its like Iron Maiden without the steroids, though their songs are far more specific about warfare. Some are terrible, but these two are the best


From Stalingrad to Berlin





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Which brings us neatly to 'Empire of the Sun'.






One of Spielburgs best films. Its from the novel by Science Fiction writer JG Ballard, which is about the only novel of his ive read and still stands strong in my mind 30 years later. Yes, that good.


Ill warn you, its not easy viewing. But its about the cultural conflict of a Young British boy, split between his British background and his admiration of Japanese values. It comes out stronger in the book, but still a damn fine film IMHO.


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Empire of the Sun was IIRC based on Ballard's personal experience.

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Yeah, Lunghua civilian assembly centre near Shanghai.



I remember at the time of the film, some of the others whom were there as children at the same time as Ballard complained he had airbrushed the experience, and that it was far worse than he portrayed. Im rather glad he did personally, that was surely challenging enough. And somehow I think more would have been less, as a novel at any rate.

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Don't do much music, but how can this Sabaton song not be posted yet? Makes me want to put wings on the nearest horse and charge into a column of tanks.




The have released some of their music as addon DLC to 'Hearts of Iron IV'.


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Just came across the video to James Blunt's "No Bravery", including footage from the video diary he did while deployed to Kosovo as a Scimitar troop leader with the Blues and Royals in 1999, where he wrote the song.



Also, behold the armored Teutonic Terror by Accept.


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