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Military-Themed Music Videos


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Fighting the power!

"Our VK page (biggest media in RU) is banned in Russia because of our anti-war posts. Our concerts are officially prohibited by Russian government. We dedicate this video to Russian police state which tries to censor us all but is doomed to fail. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine is still going, and Ukrainians are suffering. Please consider helping: https://ukrainewar.carrd.com"




Older IC3PEAK, very martial Witchhouse.

I like my music videos with simulated trench warfare

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We need a British Top Gun Meet's Flight of the Intruder with F4's and Buccaneers with this sort of 70s music. Keep the gannets in the background since they wet their nests...

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Well if you have the budget, Ill write the novel...

In actual fact, there already is a good book on it. F4K Phantoms vs Guatamalan P51's, who wouldnt love that? Well Guatamalans presumably..


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