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Book Recommendations - Eastern Front Ww2

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I'm working my way through a detailed look at the Eastern Front in WW2. I'm up to Kursk and its aftermouth but there are a couple of gaps I'd like to fill in and I'd be grateful if anybody could recommend some books that might fill in the details.


First of all, is there any kind of history of what Army Group South was up to during Barbarossa? Most general histories I've read cover the battle of Kiev and the link up with Army Group Centre but not much else. I've got some stuff that covers Army Group North and any Barbarossa history deals with Army Group Centre in a fair amount of detail, but there seems to be very little about Army Group South.


Next, how about the fighting around Orel in the lead up to the battle of Kursk? As I understand it, there was a massive tank battle fought there but I can't find much about it.


Also, is there a good book that deals with the Soviet Winter Offensive in 1941? The narrative seems to go from the failure of Operation Typhoon to the fighting around Rzhev and Kharkov with nothing in between.


Finally, can anybody suggest a good book that covers the Soviet offensive into the Ukraine in the winter of 1943 after the advance to the Dnieper?


Thanks in advance.

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Ive Glantz's book on the Battle of Kursk, and it is truly first rate.


Alan Clark's book on Barbarossa was a pretty good overview I thought. Its quite old (1970s I think) and im sure its been better, but as a first overview is not bad I thought.


Incidentally, you may find this interesting.

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