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Nerve Agent Attack In Britain.

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Here is where the arrogance is startling. They thought they would kill him, and that nobody would try to smuggle any samples out. Or if they did, that it simply didnt matter, because nobody would believe it.


So why didnt they shoot him and blame it on a Chechen? They got away with it fine last time. Or is it they have a shitload of this stuff filling up the communal fridge at GRU headquarters and they are desperately trying to get rid of it?

They might have known it wouldn't be enough to kill him. Instead maybe kind of like riding on the edge of tolerance and hitting on Navalny in a long term sort of way by whittling down but also by putting him out of activity for a while in the short term. If he was killed, surely the international response would be more severe.

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Well they arrested his family. That didnt work. They arrested him. That didnt work. They fired paint in his eyes and nearly blinded him. That didnt work. I think that that point the only option they had left in the box was state execution.


If this was a misguided effort at a warning, I cant help but think using something other than one of the worlds most powerful nerve agents would be a starting point. OTOH, neither the GRU or FSB really show any indications of hiring Mensa level individuals, so there is that....

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Wish she was our PM. Her hair is much nicer for starters.

If only she would care about the baby Putins she created in Central Europe as she cares about the Russian opposition. Hope the NL will be strong enough to break her back.

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Well he was, till they took his flat away, and seized his bank account.


Then they blamed him for poisoning himself.


Which I do find absolutely hilarious. Despite having no apparent knowledge of chemistry, he synthesized the most deadly battlefield agent known to man (actually a different variant of the Novichok used in Salisbury so he appears to have an ability to develop entirely new weapons as well), then uses it on himself with apparently no guarantee he would survive. For what end? No idea. Fortunately Navalny seems to have retained his reknowned sense of humour.

'Navalny responded to Putin’s theory on Instagram after he was released from the hospital.

“Good theory, I believe it deserves the most careful attention,” Navalny said in a post translated from Russian. “Cooked Novichok in the kitchen. Took a sip from a flask on the plane. Fell into a coma.'

“Putin outmaneuvered me," he continued. "You can’t fool him. As a result, I lay in coma for 18 days like a fool, but didn’t get my way.”


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