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Lupe and Sarah decided to bury her, so we put her in a shady spot in the yard and Lupe and the girls are having a real hard time with this one.  I kept waking up last night thinking I heard her paws on the wooden floor.  I remember one day I heard her going nuts in the back yard.  Sarah was outside with her, so I went outside and Sarah was freaking out, and Daisy was going after a possum which she thought was too close to Sarah.  The possum was bigger than Daisy was, but by golly that dog was not going to let that possum get close to "her" human.  

It was rough, she had gotten so thin and dehydrated that it was hard to get the IV in, and it hurt her.  But the vet offered a set of paw prints in plaster for Lupe as part of the service.  Also they will allow us to return her unused medication because the participate in a program that allows them to pass on the meds to pet owners who cannot afford the needed meds for their pets.  This stuff is expensive, so I think it is a good thing to do.  

I might, or might not, and can neither confirm nor deny the possibility that there might have been something that could possibly have appeared to be a tear leak from my eye (apologies to Sir Humphrey).  Sarah says the house is too quiet, and it will not be the same since when she would leave for University the dog would mope for a day or two, but when Sarah came home, the dog did the joy dance.  Daisy, you were a great dog.  

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