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Water Dragons Of The Middle Kingdom

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So the next one has cats and traps, right? Does anybody have any idea if the Flanker's airframe is strong enough to take that or are they going to have to come up with a new design?


The adaptions required to make the Soviet Su-27 ready for carrier operations resulted in a significant increase in its empty weight, from 16,300 to the alleged 18,400 kg of the Su-33 with no compensatory increase in thrust.


According to its wiki, the J-15's empty weight is only 17,500 kg. However, given the weight of the Su-33, I doubt this figure is true, if similar efforts were made to strengthen the air frame, beef up the landing gear, allow for a folding wing mechanism, canards and a tail hook apparatus.

They may have used a lot more composites in the redesign to keep the weight down.

It's said that J-11B introduced the use of more composites to make it a little lighter than J-11A and other SU-27s. So the J-15 wouldn't be the only one to incoporate composites.

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I am thinking the ambivalence of India and Indians toward the SU-33 indicates a redesign of it was probably in order before offering it to them.


Putting technological capability into actual best practice is often difficult for cash-strapped second-world nations. In this instance, such difficulties have consequences.

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If the source is as accurate as the other articles then China will have 10 carriers...

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The internal debate prior to the cancellation must have been intense, given the potential embarrassing implications.


Disappointing would be a better word to describe their flexibility to do so.


A reduced emphasis on nuclear submarine development out of concern for naval overextension would be disappointing as well.

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Sure looks like a small fire that was quickly put out. :glare: Me thinks the ChiComs are being creative with their facts again.

And whatever reason given later will likely be another example of their creativity.

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