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Little Flying Dragons Of China

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I understand the reason for the datalink for target updates, by why is another radar needed? Wouldn't the parent aircraft's radar be more powerful/sensitive, especially in the case of the H-6J?

The pod probably uses a specific frequency, likely Ka or Ku band, and it also has a rear facing antenna so that the plane can turn away from the target and continue sending updates.

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On 10/9/2020 at 3:05 PM, KV7 said:

There are some rumours that retired J-6 are being converted to unmanned strike craft.

Reminds of how Japan turned about 10 retried F-104s into unmanned drones. They got shot down by F-15Js.



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In early October, J-15s over the Bohai Sea simulate attacking a target on an island and intercepting fighters on blue team.



J-15s conducted "partner refueling" training at night in late July.



Some J-15s trained in air-to-air combat over the Bohai Sea in a red vs blue team format in March. A video about that is in the link following the quote.





海军舰载航空兵某部飞行员 孙明杰:空中态势瞬息万变,对抗中双方战机高速机动,争相占据有利位置,这就需要我们飞行员具有较强的战场态势感知能力,迅速作出判断,果断决策,对目标实施压制。


海军舰载航空兵某部参谋长 邓伟:在连续多天的高强度训练中,我们将战术编队、低空突防、空中拦截等多个实战化科目进行有效融合,提升飞行员战场态势感知、综合效能运用、武器全功能使用等能力,为部队执行远海多样化任务打下坚实的基础。




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On 5/30/2020 at 6:13 PM, JasonJ said:


The link is still providing updates on spotted aircraft. I've been checking it every once in a while and only seen it increasing. From the 61 modern H-6 aircraft (61 H-6Ks) spotted by Nov 2017 to now at 92 modern H-6 aircraft (82 H-6Ks, 6 H-6Js, and 4 H-6Ns). That's plus 31 in 2.5 years.


105 modern H-6 aircraft (87 H-6Ks, 14 H-6Js, and 4 H-6Ns) have been spotted by now.


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