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Wow, good article -- long, but worth reading to the end.


Some of the changes it describes seem really worthwhile. In particular, integration with Cliqz's and Pocket's services as an alternative to Google web search and hardware acceleration via Webrender have the potential to ease some users' pain-points. If nothing else, watching these initiatives will be a learning experience for those who follow.


On the other hand I'm very dubious about these touted performance improvements. From what I can see of people's browsing experiences, performance is still limited by DNS lag, slow server-side dynamic content generation, badly-written javascript and memory exhaustion, in roughly that order. New browser technology might make an impact on the latter two, but there's not much that can be done about the first or second.


I wish Mozilla luck, but it's mostly academic to me. My browser needs are different from most, so I'm sticking with Pale Moon while investigating migration paths further off the beaten track (like Surf and its derivatives).

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actually the widespread adoption of HTTP/2 will add another lag, because it makes lots of roundtrips, especially with badly coded websites. And when as is ususal nowadays scripts are drawn from a hundred different sites from all over the web and one server hangs...


But there is not much a browser can do about this.




another Pale Moon user here, since all the superflous stuff added to Mozilla annoyed me. Well whereever Pale Moon may develop to since they will have to make their own engine programming.

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I'm using Firefox as my main browser and I haven't any real issues. ATM it's better than chrome since it's not prone to the recent Facebook messenger virus which is chrome on all platforms. Haven't had any crashes to speak of either so I'm thinking it's something else at your work that's causing them Colin.



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Some of it sounds promising, but aside from the SJW theme, some of the new stuff makes it sound like they are more focused on coopting the user experience rather than fixing infrastructure.


As long as code on the website end controls the browser (JavaScript, CSS etc) the user experience is gonna suck. Adaptive searching, squared tabs, etc. are but a flyspeck in the pepper grinder.

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