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Steel Beasts has been out almost... 20 years? (The copy I own I got in the early 00s.) I have no idea what kind of following it had back here on TN when I was serving as I rarely frequented TN then.


WoT basically made this subforum here on TN. So much discussion here back when it first came out (so much discussion even when the game was in alpha/beta). Started out as a nice balance between realism and arcade/ease of play. To watch that decline in interest coupled to general decline of the following of the game elsewhere (like on reddit) seems to match quite well with the changes the devs made (or failed to make) over the years.

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To me the question is why so few WoT players migrated to what was at one time a fairly well known Tank discussion board. As far as I remember we actually contributed at least two WoT staff members. I quit WoT for the same reason I've all but quit WoWS, I didn't have the time to spend in game to keep my skills (such as they were) up to a level that where I could be a useful team member. Also, the people I played most with moved on to other games so I did too.

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