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Because Trump 2.0

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But US media is in decline in market share, has been for decades. Its not the stalwart of the left it used to be, even as it lurches further and further to the left (ive seen this trend in British newspapers myself).


'Total estimated circulation of US daily newspapers has steadily declined since the late 1980s, from approximately 63 million to 31 million presently. Advertisement revenue of US newspapers has also plunged from $49 billion in 2005 to $17 billion in 2017. The newsroom workforce is down to 39,210, from 74,410 in 2006 (a 47% decrease).'

And that is why foreign subversion of Social media is so dangerous. There are few and fewer alternatives to look at for reinforcement for negation of messaging via social media. We read, so we believe it.

If you want an example, look at what happened with Orson Welles and the War of the Worlds Hoax. There was no alternative media to look at as an alternative to his narrative, so it was believed. That is precisely where we are headed now with social media.

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But what are the options if Big Media is corrupted?  What are the options then??  That question is why alternative media is growing; there are other sources to check the info.  Note that Big Media presented the Russian collusion scandal as established fact for years, even though it was groundless and based on falsified sources.

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Big Media is in decline because too many people can't unsee the man behind the curtain. That's not to say that the swarm of social media reporter filling the gaps created by one-sided reporting are an adequate step to boost overall credibility. But Big Media's decline is largely self-inflicted because of their inability to rid themselves quickly enough of activist journalists.

Also, whatever passes for "news" on American TV I find completely insufferable. Breathless hyping of topics that are short-lived and largely irrelevant in the shallow pursuit of "ratings". The proverbial car chase piece is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with TV reporting in the US.

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1 hour ago, Stuart Galbraith said:

Cogently argued young Glenn, Im am thrown down before the fury of your intelligent and well executed argument. :D

 I don't think you believe half the stuff you type even as you are typing it.   I picture a chef furiously working over the stove just reaching for whatever ingredient is close to get the current flavor desired.    


The biggest threat to American Democracy is not knowing if the President or Senator is legitimate or having been bought by abroad. You cannot have a legitimate election whilst other nations are manipulating the public via social media or false narrative, or just plain buying the candidate. The US media is dying off, social media is now rapidly becoming the more important forum. Why do you think Trump tweets so much?

Guys that have been bought by a broad will probably marry them.  In terms of elections, the problem is far more the poisoning of the US media internally, due to American influence.  Versus foreign meddling, I'd guess the domestic meddling is an order of magnitude more serious in its distortion of the democratic lensing. 



Look at 2016. The narrative was Trump was a Russian spy, an absurd idea. But it swept the board with Social media. It still lingers.

The purpose to that nonsense was to prevent Trump from improving relations with Russia while trying to impeach him for nonsense.  Alas, we can't fix stupid, but Americans can vote for Trump to prevent stupid from driving for 4 more years.

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4 hours ago, DKTanker said:

Trump offered future hope and prosperity, Biden offered doom, gloom, and misery.

An LA focus group apparently agrees with that assessment as 7 of 8 undecideds now support Trump with the eighth undecided remaining undecided.

Eh, both had moments of doom/gloom and hope.  One example is the final question of the evening where Trump went dark while Biden went positive.

We won't know for a few days who 'won' (CNN's own poll is showing Biden clearly winning... but that's coming from CNN) but I think this article summed it up best.  Let's say Trump clearly won... it may be irrelevant as we have nearly 50 million votes already cast (which will likely end up being well over 1/3 of all votes cast).  Biden's had a sizeable lead for most of the time.  Whoever Trump won over last night will likely be too little too late.

ETA - The positive takeaway from that article, something I've seen in a few places lately, is that if Biden wins big it's not because America is going communist as so many on here will try to spin.  It's simply because folks are tired and over Trump.  There's still a lot of skepticism with the American voter base with D policies.

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which brings us to a point about the sea change of early voting.  Election day turning into election month is a VERY big difference in how things were versus how they are.

The fact that votes are being tabulated and results are being announced has an effect on voting that is still taking place.  Before it is all said and done both sides are going to regret what has happened to the process.

I suppose it will be interesting to see what Tanknet looks like in a year under the glorious utopia of a Harris Presidency.  My guess is that the haves will be smugly proud of what happens to the have nots.  I wonder how hard people can be pushed before really bad things happen?

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Of course it is, as it allows greater time for machinations and fuckery.

Of course, the first thing to do after the coming Purge cleanses the US is to invade the North and continue the Great Crusade.  S/F...Ken M

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19 minutes ago, Der Zeitgeist said:

Just a normal day in the US election shitshow.


Although Trump is actually correct if you want to get really specific. One of the ironic things about this election is that the Obama admin was actually kinda hard on illegal immigrants. https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/kids-in-cages-debate-trump-obama/2020/10/23/8ff96f3c-1532-11eb-82af-864652063d61_story.html

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Republican utopias unite for another great diplomatic win!



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