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The first thread was eating by the Oops! bug so here is a new thread. All the countries listed in the topic tag beneath the title have a common concern about China's expansion into the South China Sea and because of that have been developing defense relations with each started really taking shape in 2016 with the start of China's man-made island construction in the South China Sea in 2014 and 2015.


Chinese bomber flying near Scarborough Shoal in 2016



PRC man-made island at Mischief Reef (2016)



PRC man-made island at Fiery Cross Reef (2016)



PRC man-made island at Subi Reef (2016)





It'll be too much work to try to track down all the articles with all the pictures in general chronological order as the pictures were at least uploaded in date order. So I'll just be putting up the pictures and link some videos with brief descriptions based on what I remember. The main point is that the defense relations exist and came about to counter a growing China.



Balikatan 2016 - The Philippines and USA




Malabar 2016 - Japan USA and India




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