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Thresholds Of Prc Military Power

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List of PLAN warships launched for the year.




List of PLAN warships launched and entering service for the decade going from the start 2010 to the end of 2019.


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It's been about 1 year since counting up the progress of surface fleet construction.


There is still 8 Type 55 destroyers accounted for since last year but just progress in the progress of in-dock construction -> fitting out -> sea trials -> commissioned.


For example

In March 2019 (at most 4 at in-dock construction, 2 fitting out, and 2 at sea trials)

To March 2020 (2 at in-dock construction, 3 fitting out, 2 on sea trials, and 1 commissioned)



For Type 52D destroyers, accounted for dropped from 26 to 25 although in March 2019, the 25th and 26th were just by word. For March 2020, while stopping at 25, the 25th is at in-dock construction. The number of commissioned Type 52Ds went from 11 (+ 1 soon to be commissioned and 1 on sea trials) last year to 13 now (+1 soon to be commissioned and 2 on sea trials).



Type 54 frigates still at 30.


Type 56/56A corvettes are at a total accounted for of 22 Type 56s and 50 Type 56As.




With the lack of new additional hulls, for the time being at least, the modernized surface combat fleet is looking like..


8 Type 55 destroyers

25 Type 52D destroyers

6 Type 52C destroyers

30 Type 54/54A frigates

72 Type 56/56A corvettes



Although a couple of months ago, this image of a new radar on an experimental ship came up. Some speculated it might be new radar for Type 54B frigate. But time will tell if it goes any where.






Submarine construction will of course be much harder to become aware of because of the new submarine construction facility being huge but fully roofed.

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