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Because, Nordic Countries


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It sad that more peopel did not do as this guys....

I want that as a t-shirt or a moral patch. :)



The town was named after the Swastika Gold Mine staked in the autumn of 1907 and incorporated on January 6, 1908.


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April is said to have been the coldest in recorded weather history. the last few days here in Germany have jumped to above 20 degrees, but on tuesday evening I was still firing the oven.


But wow, still snow in middle of May. Well, on the positive side this should mean less Mäkärät mosquitos this summer.

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i´m not sure if i didn´t see this one first at tanknet (courtesy of mr.King perhaps?)


I love this version, listen to it all the time

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When talking about the swastika; we tend to forget that the usual German word was Hakenkreuz, or hook cross, or as has been suggested 'broken' cross, almost as an anti-Christian symbol.


But getting back to Finland:




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Must be noted that draconic Finnish alcohol laws do not allow shops to offer big pack discounts, so a "1000-pack" costs exactly same as buying thousand separate beer cans. Buying one is entirely for bragging rights and reinforcing an ethnic stereotype :)


Talking about ethnic stereotypes, this is how average truck driver looks like in Sweden.




This is the average truck driver in the US, I swear! :D





Oh my!

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Bullshit, you kept all the sauna pics for yourself.



--- ETA ---


Sauna ! Bloody Sauna ! How I hate this fooking tablet





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This restaurant sounds great and I want to fly out there and eat the sh*t out of everything they offer. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/18/dining/norway-food-neo-fjordic-chef-christopher-haatuft.html


BTW, can any Nords fact-check the claim that 1/3 of Norwegians moved to the US in the late 19thC?


Edit: actually sounds about right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Americans#20th_century

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Around 800.000 emigrated since 1825 according to official numbers, but it only becomes 1/3 of the population if one take the whole number of emigrants in total and compare it to the total population of Norway in a specific year, let us say 1910 when it was around 2.400.000. On average 15.000 emigrated each year in the second half of the 19th century. My grandad left in 1950 (or was it 1949) and stayed until his death in 2015 btw.

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