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I already got sunk by one of those, in my shiny new Iron Duke.


One of those hopeless games where there just aren't enough islands to hide behind - I think I had enemies on 3 sides at the end when there was me and two CVs left on our side.

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"It" is somewhat vulnerable to taking hits on its broadside, so straight sailing "ship-of-the-line" style slugouts should be avoided, zig-zag works better so alternating between closing in and withdrawing is optimal.

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The youtube crowd seem to be having fun with the latest GZ test versions.


And when I say fun I mean that they are laughing a lot.


When a ship is tweaked from grossly underpowered to grossly overpowered and back again with no signs of damping to a neutral position, to me that suggests something more fundamental is wrong. But I've never played carriers, so have nothing constructive to add.

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Look at her:




Not just a groundbreaking V&W class destroyer but one with a fantastic name. She should get a bonus for that. I mean would you want to serve on her on on HMS Aeneas? Who actually existed, pity her crew.


Word of advice for wannabe skippers of her: Stay away from cute, little blondes! They'll end you. ;)

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The V&W class was to DD what Dreadnought was to BB. Maybe more so, they were still very good warships 20 years later. Your remark to her survivial in the Med refers to her AA I pressume? British triple-A was better than its reputation. RN ships did all right against air attack as long as they sailed in formation.

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Well... Depends on which. I have to say I have found a new respect towards the early war on destroyers in the Dunkirk PvE scenario when I realized the AA was often just a .50 quad.


Then again about the only country that managed to pack a really respectable AA suite on destroyers by the end of war were the Americans thanks to going the simple stupid way to get a good and working DP gun.

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Or electricity... On big ships generally yes (though some battleships could use more heavy AA, twin 4" guns were nothing to be sneezed at and 5.25" neither), but I think what RN kinda lacked (not only RN) was AA armament on destroyers. Force Z was much in the same situation as Nagumo's carriers at Midway - destroyers with them had point defence AA only and could not really contribute much more than take on survivors.

G class initially had 2 Vickers .50 quads for example and generally heavy AA started to appear after Dunkirk, usually introducing another weapon and caliber into the fray. The 5"/38 solved this neatly (though before Mk.37 director they had issues with dive bombers).


In any case, more new toys:


Tier III - Turenne



Tier IV - Courbet



Tier V - Bretagne



Tier VI - Normandie



Tier VII - Lyon


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One gained the impression that RN AA was fine, until you ran out of ammunition.

Yes, that would be a "slight inconvenience" to use some British understatement.


PS: The 5"/38 was fine for fleet defence. If a group of divebombers was taking an unhealthy interest in your ship in real life you needed medium caliber automatic guns. 37/40mm, Pom Pom quads

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Finally, my line has arrived.......goodbye sparetime. :wub:

I will burn out on testing :D Only about now getting to UKBB, was overfed with them from their test :) And now won't touch PADD for some time :)



Have to say i do like the 1920`sesque tripod and modifications added to the Normandie, Lyon look perhaps abit "topheavy" with the updated bridge but it might just be the angle of the picture...but damn, check the secondaries!! :o :wub:

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