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Leopard Tank Question

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so, my bad again, 81 not used against hull, 127 and 107 only


127mm-600-636mm pen

107mm-480mm pen



as far as i understand, because of this hull front failure they later made this hull


and only after this version get to 2A0/4 style hull, but i don't know is 2A0/4 a capable of stoping 127mm warhead or not...


and there is a scheme of firings of 2AV in US, without any good details, only that tank have 39 hits, of which 16 germans consider to be "good", of which 3 actually was penetration in turret front and mantlet by 127mm warhead, remaining 23 hits, they didn't mention...




penetration was hit 6, 5 and 13

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made mistake, edited post, not 81mm but 127mm charge, so central part of hull could resist 480mm CE pen, but not 600-640




p.s scheme of US trials seem to match trials i previosly posted about Leo2AV so it's seems that they used improved hul, or germans repeat all hits that they recieved during US trials later at home with improved hull front

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