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Amd Ryzen-Woot!

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Well it looks good in AMD land so far. The new Ryzen chips are looking to give good performance for a reasonable price. Early benchmarks show that the Ryzen chips are a little faster and a h*ll of a lot cheaper than Intel. Power consumption is a max of 95W, with some 65W chips! I am thinking a 1700x for my new build. And then a couple of six core chips for the girls builds (I am trying to keep the builds under $600 each for them).

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I'm going to be building a new PC this summer/autumn, so I'll be watching this closely. Took one look at the "gaming" PC's at Best Buy on Saturday and laughed a lot at how pitiful they were. Already have the case and storage, so I just need a motherboard/CPU, video card, memory (Thinking 32GB), and a new primary SSD.

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Read a couple of the Ars Technica reviews on it this week. Fixed most of the serious flaws in the previous Bulldozer generation architecture and finally gives some performance competition to the Intel family. However it doesn't look like it will be quite as good for gaming as the Kaby Lake series. Still, I am intrigued by it.


I need to check the TonyMac86 site and see if anyone manages to make a Hackintosh using one, I have my doubts whether it will work.

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Just put a used Intel DQ67SW MB with a i3 2120 CPU into my daughters computer, of course now I realize that I need a SATA optical drive, another $29 + cable. The computer starts to boot, but then stop and repeats, I need the disc to reinstall the OS, but can't find it.......grrrrrrr

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Looks like the 1080p performance is an issue with Windows 10 and its code. Microsoft is supposed to be releasing a fix. I should have enough $$$ by June to get my new system.


1700x Ryzen

Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5 mobo

32-64 gb of RAM

1x Crucial MX300 M.2 SSD 525 gb

1x Western Digital Black Caviar 2 tb

EVGA 1060 Nvidia card with 6 gb ram

Coolermaster HAF high airlfow full tower case

x2 either Samsung or ASUS 4k 23.6" monitors

Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard

Logitech 700 gaming mouse


I am transferring two 1 gb WD drives from my current system to the new one, and keeping the old system for the kids to use.

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The bios updates on the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero board and actually pretty painless. I just updated to the latest 6401 BIOS, and it works fine.


My final configuration:

Asus Crosshair VI Hero (replaced the Gigabyte due to bad motherboard)

1700 Ryzen with stock cooler

32gb G.Skill Flare X ram

Western Digital 512gb NvME drive

ASUS 1060 card

WD 2 TB Black drive (Storage)

2x WD Green (from old system)

1x 500gb Samsung SSD for Steam library

Corsair K70 keyboard

Logitech 502 mouse

Logitech 430 headphones

Logitech webcam (unplugged 99% of the time)


Solid, stable, and relatively fast. Running Winders 10, I'd love to go 100% Linux, but I want (and need) Photoshop, iTunes, and games.

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Call me a fanboy, but I am looking for some AMD 50th Anniversary shirts, and cannot find them! :(


I think they only come in the anniversary Ryzen CPU. there is supposed to be a voucher in the boxes. But really, they should sell those.

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