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0.5.15 - Campaigns And Reworked Japanese Dds

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Campaigns are a bit odd, sitting alongside the existing mission structure, but they're a welcome addition in terms of providing new things to do.


I feel that the individual tasks have a good range of difficulty, but overall they're perhaps a little too easy to achieve. As always with goals that are of the type "torpedo 6 ships", etc., they may have a negative impact on the natural play of a game, but overall I think it's a good thing to push players into play styles with which they may not be entirely comfortable to begin with.


For example, I'm not a destroyer player, and I favour long range engagements hence my liking for the Tier V ARP battleships (battlecruisers) which can yield excellent results in Tier V and VI games.This leads to fairly passive play as long range bowls isn't always very rewarding. Since finding a number of flooding and torpedo tasks to complete, I've been playing my Emerald differently, with at least some success. Still not a fan of DDs.


Which leads us to the reworked Japanese DD line. Anyone playing these care to comment?

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The nerfed Japanese DD line?


I was unconvinced when anounced and my worst fears were correct, the new line brings nothing to the DDs,


Gun power is below par vs its peers (if you want gun battles, pick up Soviet or US ships) and the torpedoes are worthless now, combined on hulls made of paper, so if you close to hit, you die, you lack the range to stand-off and on top of that they are slow when compared to other DDs.


Of course, the reason why the real IJN DDs were slower was because they had torpedo reloads and longer range torpedoes than anyone else. Those 2 factors have been stripped away, what's left then?

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The nice thing about campaigns is that you don't have to complete all the tasks in a mission to complete it. So I just pick and choose the tasks that match my play style. I won't earn every possible reward but or tick every box but I'm not a completionist so I'm fine with that.

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You can work on tasks within a mission even after you've completed it, so you can pick up the rewards on offer. My favourite so far - 125 free doubloons.


I seem to have picked up a supercontainer with 5 million cash in it, too, which was nice.


I tend to play enough games to get two containers per day, which is easy at the moment as I'm currently, ahem, between jobs.

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