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Can Anyone Recommend A Free Anti Virus Program?

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I'm currently having good luck with both Avast and AVG (on 2 different machines), Avast on an old XP machine that needs a small footprint. Had deleted AVG a couple of year ago, but current version seems OK. I also have MalwareBytes, and run that whenever something odd happens. In contrast, my work machine has a paid BitDefender subsciption, which has been occasionally troublesome, and also let some crap through that required a re-installation of Windows.

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both, in their free version, will only do manual scans, but are very good.


+1 for Malwarebytes. I actually pay to use the premium version but even the free scan is a good one. Been using that for a long time now.


There is another free one (manual scan only sadly), which is very thorough but can take a good few hours depending on how large/full you hard drive/s are.




Again very through but it does seem to take quite a while going from start to finish, just something to keep in mind really.

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A deep scan can be done overnight, while you're sleeping. Good idea to do one monthly.


However, I have found that folks who do the basics, use semi-intelligent passwords, and don't download cracked stuff from China have very few problems.

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