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Active Shooter In Olympia Mall In Munich


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One shooter, but could be more due to unclear situation


one dead ten wounded so far


police has surrounded the mall and deployed a large contingent


Police of the city of Munich advises to stay away from public places.


who, why unknown, amok run suspected


ticker: http://mobil.ksta.de/panorama/-schiesserei-in-einkaufszentrum-in-muenchen-24440528(in german)

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Could still be. There were several public shootings in the rocker milieu recently. Not quite sure what to make of the video you uploaded where the perpetrator just seems to open up on random passersby; but we really have just a few seconds, and there must have been some reason why the guy behind the phone started filming in the first place.

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I don't recall any biker gang shooting with six wounded, much less six dead. Why filming? The hell do I know but just think of the masses walking around with their cells in the hand and eyes on it. Maybe he was recording a Pokemon Go replay? ... Yes, such a thing exists.

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I don't know, it looks like the guy is opening fire on some people rushing in his direction, like they are already fleeing from something which might have been the cause for smartphone man to start filming. Which incidentally might indicate a terror attack with the shooter in a "blocking" position; police say witnesses reported three armed men, but such statements are notoriously inaccurate (in lone gunmen shootings, a second shooter gets reported frequently). Reports of a second shooting are also unconfirmed. Munich police treat it as a suspected terror attack anyway, and apparently central station is being evacuated.

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switched on the tv.


GSG-9 is being flown in, Munich SEK and MEK sweep the area. Hesse and Baden-Württemberg fly in their SEK too.



three dead confirmed by bavarian stateminister of the interiour.


Unknown count of wounded at the moment.


Unknown if the mall has been completely evacuated.


They go by the presumption that there are more than one shooter.

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Speaking of railways.


Newspapers reporting suicides is something the railways don't like at all. Because if one jumps in front of a train and it gets reported in the local paper there is a very high probability of someone else jumping within the next few days.


I suspect this works with terrorists too.

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