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Grand Naval Battle Event (Eu)

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Heya, guys,


Anyone playing on European server, do not hesitate to join the event:





Basically even if you just play as usual, you should be able to get enough diamonds for some nice prizes... At least the Tachibana :)




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I got badly confused by the GNB thing (having just started playing in mid month), because I was getting no progress.


Then I realised that first, I was logging in to WoWS using one gmail address variant but had registered originally with another (gmail is very lazy about punctuation in names). And then the page showing progress continually showed none even when I'd sorted that out, until I realised that I was apparently looking at the wrong progress tab...


All takes some getting used to.


I got a Kraken Wakes in the Erie in my 13th game. Doing 43 damage to steal my 5th kill downgrades it a bit, but nevertheless I did sink 3 tier 2 cruisers on the way there.


Not sure what the own side player who rammed my Chester within two minutes of the start in the next game was thinking, though. Fortunately it was about 5 damage each.


I'm not quite sure how to play this game at low levels. It seems that there are few to no players with any real strategy down here, and it seems to pay to follow the herd, as the opposition doesn't often seem to think that concentration is a good thing. Besides, so many of them have no clue regarding game mechanics that they can't hit the broad side of a barn, and often I see people disclosing their position at the start by firing a few random shots into the islands.


As a result, I don't have a problem allowing the lemmings to rush in and soak up the torpedoes and shots whilst I sit back a bit and practice medium range gunnery. One thing is certain - if you have a team full of lemmings you're really not going to be able to pull a 6-vs-1 off to win a game that you're losing badly. Maybe that's possible in a destroyer.

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