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Turn Of Year 2015/16 At Cologne Train Station

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The case continues to be highly illustrative. This week, Miri turned up in Bremen again and happily requested subsidiary protection on the grounds that a Hezbollah-linked rival clan in Lebanon wants him dead for being allegedly involved with a revenge killing following a 2006 stabbing in Bremen; he thus claims being at risk from Lebanese government factions. Obviously he was detained on the spot and taken into expulsion custody, while authorities are processing his application at accelerated speed. I've little doubt it will be rejected and he will be ordered to leave again; though much more so whether Lebanon will take him this time, let alone whether he'd stay there.


Miri's asylum application was speedily rejected on 8 November, and this Friday a court ruled that he can be deported immediately. The same problems noted above remain, of course.


ETA: No sooner than I finished typing the above it was reported that he has already been deported, expeditet from an earliest 27 November date because authorities feared attempts of liberating him from custody. So apparently Lebanon took him again, and the remaining question now is if, and for how long, he'll stay there this time.

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Well, he keeps trying. Just a few days after his second deportation, Miri flew to Turkey again, where he had enlisted the help of traffickers to get him back to Germany last time. This time the Turks denied him entry though, and sent him back to Lebanon after a little scuffle.


He is only the most high-profile case of course. It was reported today that more than 28,000 asylum seekers who were denied and left the country one way or the other since 2012 have returned and applied again. Of those, 4,916 are actually on their third, 1,023 on their fourth, and 294 at least on their fifth tour already. Though in the end that's only a small part of 1.78 million applicants since 2010.


In another report, anybody who got granted protection other than proper asylum in the big rush of 2015/16 came up for re-evaluation after the initial three-year period recently. Due to a tightening of regulations last year, more people now get called in to appear personally, and can be sanctioned if they don't. 50,000 were so questioned in the first half of 2019, and overall 2.8 percent of all reviews led to revocation of protection due to changed circumstances or false claims in the original application; this is compared to 1.2 percent last year.

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The suspect was quickly visited in jail by two Russian embassy staffers, and is reported to behave exemplarily, almost in a military way. Investigators have found no personal motive or links to organized crime so far. There is some incomprehension why the case hasn't been taken over by federal prosecutors yet, who would be responsible with foreign intelligence involvement. The obvious explanation is that everybody wants to keep this low-key, and while Russian media have attacked speculation of their German counterparts about the background, there isn't the very noisy propaganda war between governments seen in the Skripal case etc. (of course that is certainly again related to the fact that they didn't contaminate all of downtown Berlin with WMDs).

The federal prosecutor general will reportedly take over the case after satisfying himself that the hit was likely ordered by Russian government authorities. The change came after establishing that Russia cancelled an international warrant for a murderer in 2015 who has now been identified as the same guy. Then named as Vadim K., he was alleged to have killed a Russian businessman in 2013, also approaching his victim on a bicycle like he did in Berlin. The suspicion is that he was subsequently recruited as a hitman by state institutions.

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The federal prosecutor general and Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations have now taken over. The Foreign Office called in the Russian ambassador this morning and declared two embassy staffers supposed to work for the GRU persona non grata, with further measures pending if Russia doesn't improve cooperation in the investigation.

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False scare at the Berlin christmas market which was hit by the 2016 truck attack yesterday after two men initially tried to evade a police control. One of them eventually gave a name officers believed had a warrant out, and the market was evacuated and searched on the suspicion that the duo might have placed a "dangerous item". Nothing was found, and the name likeness later turned out to be incidental, which is of course a common problem with Arabs/Muslims; in a particularly egregious case, a year ago a Syrian Kurd died after a fire in his prison cell in Kleve, NRW, where he had been detained for two months after he was mixed up with a guy from Mali wanted for theft, who had used the same name as an alias. Police failed to confirm his identity, even though the two looked nothing near the same.

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Now two things spring immediately to mind. One, he might be a copycat after a recent similar incident; unfortunately that happens somewhat regularly, usually by some mental case pushing some unsuspecting total stranger. This one was reportedly a German-born Serb with the unususal name of Jackson B., who had previously terrorized his village on alcohol-fueled rampages together with his brother.

B. was convicted of murder this week, but sent to a psychiatric institution rather than prison. He had maintained his innocence, claiming "I don't push women", but he may have leant on the victim because he wasn't feeling well that day, his head hurt and he was swaying.

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Indifference of this kind is of course an increasingly common occurrence in society. Some years ago there was a public stir over surveillance video showing several people stepping over an elderly well-dressed man dying of a heart attack (IIRC) at an ATM inside a bank entrance.


Date 08.02.2020


Passers-by ignored victim of Halle synagogue attack — German media


Pedestrians walked past, "indifferent" to a woman dying on the asphalt outside a synagogue in the German city of Halle during a shooting attack in October, security footage showed. Two people were killed.


Passers-by apparently ignored the first victim of a terrorist attack in the German city of Halle last October, according to reports published in German media on Friday.


Surveillance video showed several people walking past the victim "calmly, almost indifferently," German broadcasters WDR, NDR and the Südeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported.


"In the middle of a major German city a person lies shot on the pavement, but people walk past," the paper wrote.


Around 50 people were present in a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle on October 9 when gunman Stephan B. shot at the door and three explosive devices.


After failing to enter the synagogue, the gunman shot and killed a 40-year-old woman in the street and a 20-year-old man in a kebab shop. He also injured a couple while trying to flee, according to the DPA news agency.


What does the surveillance footage show?


The report casts a new light on the circumstances of the first victim's death.


A mailman delivering letters on the other side of the street continued delivering letter while the woman was dying, according to the report.


The woman continued to lie unaided in a pool of blood as several other passers-by walked along, until a man with a ponytail went to help her, apparently calling for an ambulance. No-one appeared to offer first aid.


The attack took place on Yom Kippur, the most holy Jewish festival. The perpetrator admitted anti-Semitic and racist motives.



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