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Hi all,


I'm looking for 1/35 scale Japanese tank crew figures. I've searched Verlinden and a couple of big online hobby shops with no success.



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There are IIRC Tamiya ones for the Type 10 and Type 90 MBTs, though I dunno if there are any sold separately from those kits. Wot time frame are you looking for?

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Michael, what time period?










You may need to do some actual hunting for them though.


but this link seems to have them in stock




but quite expensive

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Here are some 1/35 of just tank crew sets on Japanese sites. Some seem fairly cheap, some seem quite expensive, even for a set that includes only 1 or 2 crew, so high quality I'd assume. Some are immediately available to order and others are on a basis that they will e-mail once available. When looking at the price, ¥1,000 = $9.37 at today's exchange rate.


On one site called HO33YSEARCH


Available IJA




Available JGSDF



Will e-mail when in stock IJA (some of these are indicated with "out of stock for long time")



http://www.1999.co.jp/10195269 (same as what Doug Richards posted)




Will e-mail when in stock JGSDF


Pre-order JGSDF planned to be available by late June




Amazon.jp has a couple. Both of these sets are also in the links above.

amazon.jp01 (again, the same one, but available here)



Hobbyland has a lot of sold out sets. These are the only available ones.




I know a few big plastic model stores near me. Now I have an excuse to check them out again and fancy buying myself a tank like I usually do when I go to them. I'll post here whether or not they have some more sets that seem to fit the bill.

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Yes, I'm looking for WW2 figures. Thanks for the leads, Doug and Jason; I will follow up and see what is most available/affordable.


The price on the first site that Doug linked to is quite reasonable - if they actually do restock the item. Even the more expensive set is not prohibitively so, if they can't be found anywhere else.


Thanks again ! :) I was really surprised that Verlinden didn't have anything, but they do seem to be more into Nazis, when it comes to Axis items.


EDIT: I found the set on Amazon here in the US. Thanks for the leads!

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