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Armenia Azerbaijan Conflict

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Azeri news (in absolutely clear Russian, no accent at all) https://www.facebook.com/100007544386931/videos/pcb.2580417078886413/2580416958886425/?type=3&theater


Reportedly recognized losses of the parties during the escalation of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Armenia's Losses:
- major Garush Hambartsumyan
- captain Sos Elbakyan


Azerbaijan's Losses:
- Sadygov Vugar Latif ogly
- Mammadov Elshad Denmez ogly
- Dashdemirov Khayyam Magomed ogly
- Makhmudov Rashad Rashid ogly
– ensign Zeynalli Ilgar Ayaz oglu
– Elchin Mustafayev, Arif oglu
– major General Polad Hashimov (chief of staff of the 3rd corps of the Azerbaijani armed forces)
- Colonel Ilgar Mirzeyev (chief of artillery of the 3rd corps of the Azerbaijani armed forces)
- major Namig Ahmadov Hajan ogly
major – Anar Novruzov Halverde oglu
- ensign Yashar Babayev Vasif ogly
soldiers extended service Elchin Mustafazade Vasif oglu

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What exactly provoked the latest flare-up in Tavush, which lies outside the contested zone of Nagorno-Karabakh?

Armenian version is that three Azeri serviceman somehow (willingly or by mistake) drove their UAZ 4x4 over the border into Armenian territory. When fired at by Armenians, they abandoned their vehicle and fled on foot. But 1.5 hours later Azeri side launched attack in Armenian stronghold, probably to recapture lost vehicle or just cover-up the incident.

Azeri version is Armenians launched artillery strike on Azeri village(s) near the border...

Taking into consideration Armenia is about 4 times smaller than Azerbaijan in terms of population and even less in terms of mil budget, you could make your own judgment....

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