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Rip, Tanknetter Maxx (Typhoid Maxx Aka Vladan Zivojinovic)

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Extremely sad news for all Tank-Netters and especially for me. Last night police came to knock on door, informing me that Maxx (Vladan Zivojinovic) had been taken to hospital in critical condition, head trauma. This morning I was going to visit him, but before I left, I called his brother and was told he had passed away this morning.

RIP, my friend and brother.

We were out night before and in early morning, I felt tired and went to home, he went to walk some more, was taken to hospital 4 am, at evening police had found his address and came to tell me. He had apparently fallen and hit his head.


I am still in shock and disbelief. What made it even worse, I had to tell the news to his girlfriend, with whom they had real mutual love.


Hard times and difficult to accept he is gone. But not forgotten, ever.


*Edited a bit*

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Horrible news. Requiescat in pace.

As published previously in that Zucker site, I could attest he was a gentle, kind host, and a loving father. Perhaps he was not dealt the best hand of cards, but he did not give up.

Seems he was returning to the Church of his childhood lately. I hope he did enough at the end.

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