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0.5.1 Loom On The Horizon

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I got past the Karl (damn was that thing terrible) and the Konigsberg seems to shred everything. However as somebody trying to advance down the US battleship line the nerfs to those are frustrating.


I recently learned of how very divided this setup between the EU and NA servers are, what is with that? Seems like the EU players get access to some nice deals and ships the NA players don't. I haven't bought anything but I'm still feel somewhat cheated when I compare some of the packages on sale between the two stores.

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Yep, what goes around comes around. I have no doubt that for example the destroyer Blyskawica currently coming to stores on EU will eventually turn up elsewhere as well - we are just getting it first as 1. it is relevant to Europe and 2. apart from Armistice day, it is Polish Independence day today.

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