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How's About A Hog Hunt?

Mike Steele

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During the training the subject of a hog hunt came up. That sounds like a grand idea, but would need alot of Organization.


Such as:


A location with plenty of feral hogs (AL, GA, N FL TX were all suggested)

A friendly farmer or land owner

The usual logistical support

Permits and the like

Open to the floor for suggestions and volunteers. :D

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~30 caliber rifles and night vision.

2 nights 3 days.

First day, setup the hide for the shooting over bait stage. Have the host farmer bait a field a bit for getting the hogs to congregate. He sets up a pile of hay bales near the field to provide a hide.

Day 1 setup in the hide and hit the hogs when they show up (if of course).

Day 2 Next morning dress the sows, start cooking them. Dispose of the boars with the farmer.
Those who wish go and hunt any stragglers that got away or were lamed. Evening of night 2, eat the sows and sit and chat around a big fire.

Day 3, pack up and exfil.

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I would definitely be interested in doing an I&I hunt next year. Looked into doing a hog hunt a couple years ago. Found several places in Texas that had good hunting packages, you stay in a bunkhouse and they take care of all butchering and prep for you. Non-resident licensing was pretty straightforward as well. Seems like it was about $700 for a 3-4 day hunt, including all the animal prep. I didn't do it as they were really targeting groups, not individuals, but that's ideal for an I&I. I would have to dig around a bit to find more details.

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I'm figuring on we find a farmer who has a problem and we eradicate the problem in a volley of .30 cal and cook up some of the results. Hopefully I can find a farmer who's friend of extended family or something.

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That's one of the places I found when I looked previously. Listed at $799, but they have specials of $299 for 3 day/ 2 night hunts all the time, having one currently as a matter of fact. After licensing and fees you're looking around the $700-800 range. 2 hogs, unlimited piglets and 2 predators per day.

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