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On 11/26/2020 at 5:45 PM, sunday said:

Printed circuit boards could be exchanged, and repairing of electromechanical programmers of washing machines is becoming a lost art.

$228 for a refrigerator repair of this type. 

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On 11/14/2018 at 10:09 PM, BansheeOne said:

I've been looking for an existing thread to bring this up in myself, but I can't find the posts back I remember we had about this 1LT Franco A. who posed as a Syrian refugee, allegedly to commit false-flag attacks on politicians; whenever I run a search, I end up with discussions on the Spanish Civil War ...

Lengthy NYT article on this guy. 


A Far-Right Terrorism Suspect With a Refugee Disguise: The Tale of Franco A.

A German officer is facing trial on terrorism charges. At a volatile time for Western democracy, his story mirrors the story of Germany itself.

By Katrin Bennhold

Dec. 29, 2020

Updated 7:05 a.m. ET

OFFENBACH, Germany — At the height of Europe’s migrant crisis, a bearded man in sweatpants walked into a police station. His pockets were empty except for an old cellphone and a few foreign coins.

In broken English, he presented himself as a Syrian refugee. He said he had crossed half the continent by foot and lost his papers along the way. The officers photographed and fingerprinted him. Over the next year, he would get shelter and an asylum hearing, and would qualify for monthly benefits.

His name, he offered, was David Benjamin.

In reality, he was a lieutenant in the German Army. He had darkened his face and hands with his mother’s makeup and applied shoe shine to his beard. Instead of walking across Europe, he had walked 10 minutes from his childhood home in the western city of Offenbach.

The ruse, prosecutors say, was part of a far-right plot to carry out one or several assassinations that could be blamed on his refugee alter ego and set off enough civil unrest to bring down the Federal Republic of Germany.

The officer, Franco A., as his name is rendered in court documents in keeping with German privacy laws, denies this. He says he was trying to expose flaws in the asylum system. But his elaborate double life, which lasted 16 months, unraveled only after the police caught him trying to collect a loaded handgun he had hidden in an airport bathroom in Vienna.



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Its probably already been posted, but its going around the Interweb again;



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One thing I'm not understanding, from what you folks keep saying, is why German heteros aren't holding up their end. Why do the gays have to do everything? Is there some cultural differential in work ethic or something?

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Heteros just keep their families locked into basement. :)OTOH, that might be a more Austrian things. :D

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Wonder what is a "specialty" of the other countries?

Local is axe murders. There are more murders with axe than by firearms in Serbia (which, considering we are in the top 10 most armed nations is telling) or any other single weapon. OTOH, murder rate hovers around or bellow European average still, so it is not that people are more murderous, it is just the tool they choose is "interesting".


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Shootings are so impersonal. We should appreciate if the murderers among us seek more intimacy, even if the way they express their feelings may appear unexpected and possibly uncomfortable to some.

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From the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, the murder weapon of choice in the US is handgun, not surprisingly.

Edged weapons were second, with bare hands/feet being 3rd and HBOs (Heavy Blunt Objects) coming on 4th.

Something like an axe or machete typically makes the news here. Strangely, automobiles aren't a line item, whereas explosives are (typically 5 or fewer, on average like 1/yr).

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