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I was thinking, he didn't hold it correctly and it was a scope that did the damage. I don't know, people tend to use what they like, as you saw at the gun show, you can find pretty much any caliber in any style that you want.

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As in he had his eye too close to the scope? If you are only used to binoculars that sounds like a natural mistake.


At the gun show I actually paid not much attention to the modern guns. There were way too many historic ones and the display of political incorrectness was distracting in an amusing way.

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Aren't ALL guns politically incorrect? Or were you fixated on a collection of Sturmgewehrs?

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You occasionally see stuff at various gun shows that are head and shoulders odd. I've come across Brens that I so wanted but didn't have the $50,000 to buy at the time.

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We got there late so didn't get to do more than speed walk (well the tanknet version anyway) up and down the aisles only stopping at a few tables to chat with the sellers. I think there may have been one or two full auto weapons on display or for sale but none really stood out.

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On 11/26/2019 at 3:10 PM, BansheeOne said:

Meanwhile, another major museum heist as thieves raid the famous Green Vault of Dresden. Two years ago, a giant 100-kilo Maple Leaf gold coin on loan from Canada was stolen from Berlin's Bode Museum; several members of a local Arab clan are currently on trial for that, and a museum guard is suspected to have been an inside man. The coin has not been found and probably long since molten down. In Dresden, the historical significance of the stolen items is a lot bigger.


German museums just can't catch a break. There has been some speculation about sorta-political motivation in this new case due to the date on the national holiday and recent weirdo claims spread by a prominent member of the local Corona conspiracy crowd, but of course it's not like common nutters haven't vandalized art displays before.


Berlin mystery attack targets 70 museum artefacts

Published 5 days ago

It is being described as one of the biggest attacks on art and antiquities in post-war German history, but it has taken more than two weeks to emerge.

At least 70 artefacts were sprayed with an oily liquid on Berlin's Museum Island, a Unesco world heritage site that is home to five famous museums.

The attack took place on 3 October, the anniversary of German reunification.

German reports have speculated whether supporters of a far-right conspiracy theorist may have been involved.

Attila Hildmann, who has spread conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 pandemic, has also claimed that one of the five museums, the Pergamon Museum, is home to the "Throne of Satan".

What we know

Berlin's state criminal police agency released details of the attack late on Tuesday, 17 days after at least one unknown attacker targeted Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, stone sculptures and 19th Century paintings.

The reason for the initial secrecy is unclear, and the story was only confirmed after police were approached by Die Zeit magazine and Deutschlandfunk radio. Other museums were not informed of the possible risk either, they report.

Investigators have emailed people who bought museum tickets on the day of the attack appealing for information.

Police told Der Tagesspiegel website they had been investigating the attack for a while "but for strategic reasons we've not made the case public".

Which museums were hit?

The oily liquid sprayed on to the dozens of artefacts has caused damage and left visible stains. A museum worker told Berliner Morgenpost that most of the damage was superficial. "Some of it we had to use a torch to find."


What was the motive?

It is unclear if the attack was meant to coincide with German Unity Day.

But German reports have highlighted social media messages from Attila Hildmann in August in which he made outrageous claims about night-time practices surrounding the magnificent Pergamon Altar. The Pergamon Museum itself was built to house the monument.

In June, the conspiracy theorists addressed supporters from the steps of the nearby Altes Museum.

Then in August, while the Pergamon Museum was still closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, he described the altar as being the "centre of global satanists and Corona criminals".


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Apropos of the speculation about links to Corona conspiracy theorists above, I saw this post about the recent "storm on the Reichstag" by protesters in the "Corruption in the EU" thread, but the topic is better placed here.

First you gotta say that as always, it takes some putative rightwingers to do something before measures are taken about security of sensible sites. As I probably related before, while I worked at the Bundestag Greenpeace activists once smuggled sufficient equipment into the Reichstag to rappel down the facade and unroll a banner protesting power generation from coal as harmful to the climate; I also witnessed some leftwingers heckling and dumping a bag full of shoes onto a commemoration of international Bundeswehr deployments in our annex while then-minister of defense Franz Josef Jung was speaking.

There was some meta-debate in German media whether reporting this as a "storm" (since protesters never actually entered the building, nor would it have been easy even if they had overcome the few police officers initially present), or playing it up too much overall, wasn't lending too much publicity to their narrative - a valid question, but one that could be asked for other actions, too. Such affectivities aside, what happened was that police forces on the scene were momentarily concentrated at one side facing off with those attending a rally outside parliament in the course of one-and-a-half days of protests against COVID-related measures (which had been largely drawn down at this time anyway) in the city.

This left only three officers at the top of the steps. One woman speaking on stage at that point, named as Tamara K. - reportedly a natural health practitioner tied to the Reichsbürger scene which holds that the German Reich never ceased to exist, and the current government is a privately constituted puppet regime of the Allied occupation powers which has no legitimate authority, least of all to collect taxes - then called out that Donald Trump had landed in Berlin and they needed to give him a sign by retaking "our house". The crowd then scaled the police barricade and occupied the steps before additional officers moved in.

The Reichsbürger types have featured prominently in the corona protests, because the conspiratory bend about illegitimate government authority is right up their alley; they were present the previous evening outside the US and Russian embassies, calling for a peace treaty which in their mind would finally end allied occupation of Germany. There was some scuffling with police outside the Russian embassy, in which the guy mentioned in the museum attack report - Attila Hildmann, a vegan celebrity cook in civilian life - was detained.

Overall the protests are very diverse though, and as in other movements of recent years, for some it doesn't seem to be about the specific issue put forward rather than their own political motives, or general discontent with the Way Things Are(TM). There's both right- and leftwingers; the AfD has seized on this (and when the officers on the Reichstag steps were honored in a session of parliament, their MPs pointedly remained seated while all else rose to applaud them), but some from the Left Party have also been around the protests to the embarrassment of national leadership. Of several instances were journalists were attacked on the fringes, at least one was by radical leftists.

There's of course anti-vaxxers and adherents to alternative medicine, going into overall esoterics, the general conspiracy nuts including old-school anti-semites and the newly hip QAnon followers; but also regular folks who have actually been affected by COVID measures, and types who when asked say they really have no issue with the whole corona stuff, but are here for peace and international friendship. It's a pretty inclusive movement, really - where else can you see rainbow peace flags next to the imperial war ensign, and Trump's image on a Q flag next to the Prussian eagle?




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Well the German Left always nagged that politics under Merkel's reign had become boring, static and stifling. Prior to, say, 2015 anyway. So they shouldn't complain, right? 😁

ETA: Come to think, the creme of the German conspiracy crowd is actually truely multicultural. Attila Hildmann was born to Turkish parents, though adopted by a German couple. "Ken Jebsen" AKA Kayvan Soufi Siavash is Iranian-descended. Xavier Naidoo is an Indian-German-Irish South African. Add Eva Hermann, the most Aryan-looking ex-newsspeaker ever to turn crackpot, old white ex-commie-gone-Querfront Jürgen Elsässer, pop-producer-cum-Stasi-informer Dieter Dehm, American guest speaker Robert F. Kennedy jr., I cud go on adn on ...

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On 7/15/2019 at 8:12 PM, BansheeOne said:

In a faint echo of the 2018 Relotius scandal, "Spiegel" also commissioned an independent inquiry into one of their most controversial pieces which suggested that RAF terrorist Wolfgang Grams was killed execution-style by GSG 9 after he shot one of theirs during a botched arrest operation at Bad Kleinen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in 1993 (German). Then-interior minister Rudolf Seiters resigned and federal prosecutor general Alexander von Stahl was fired over the affair, though the execution claims were quickly doubted and no evidence was subsequently found in court.

The commision finds that near as they can tell 26 years later with some contemporaries dead, memories faded, records gone and limited willingness of key figures to cooperate, reporter Hans Leyendecker likely relied on a single uncorroborated anonymous source for the article, which was published despite concerns. Even a superficial check on site would have revealed that the source couldn't have observed all it claimed from one position, and some of its claims had already shown to be wrong at press time.

TV magazine "Monitor" had been first to claim an execution back then, based upon the testimony of a vendor at the railway station where it all went down. However, in an official investigation she later gave different versions of events, but always maintained she had never talked of the headshot claimed in a statutory declaration of her testimony written up by the TV producers, which she apparently signed without too much reading.

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