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Because The United Kingdom?

Mr King

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Regarding the last part, you really are an ass.



Do you really expect better from Stuart "waving a bloody shirt when it is convinient'

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Again, I agree. The problem is that Assange was NOT doing that. He was taking an incident, a deeply regrettable incident, and turning it to a weapon he used against YOUR country and your military. That to my mind is nothing more than the weaponization of information.

Which was then taken by the press and presented without much qualifications as to the reality. But then the press really doesn't under stand much of deadly force whether in a civilian setting or a military setting. Those that do are few and far between.


The key thing here is that the western press was complicit in this.


Im the last defender of the bombing of Germany in WW2. I THINK the British position can be justified, certainly up to 1944.

The key thing about WWII is that it was total war, aka a war to the knife. We couldn't afford to give the Germans or the Japanese a respite. We haven't been in a total war/existential conflict since then.


This is another one of those things that I think the left in the western world utterly fails to grasp. I've had arguments with liberals who at one time were arguing against the atrocities of the west but then in another moment were arguing that they didn't see a reason why Japan was guilty of war crimes for actions like murdering civilians in Nanking for fun.


Its like the issue of atrocities is just a blunt club to beat the side you don't like with rather than a guiding set of principles.


The point I continually raise with you Ryan, and Ive pointed this out about the Russian intervention in your election. If they decide they have the right to promote a particular side, illegally, then what is to stop them changing sides and acting AGAINST Trump,

Nothing will stop the Russians other than losing interest in that avenue of attack. I think I'm more than slightly aware of 'Russian' meddling in US affairs entirely separate from the actions in the current timeframe.



its about breaking the law.

Which law though and who's breaking it? We've had 2 years of contentions that Trump did and now we have ZERO evidence of that. Meanwhile we have a major set of laws that were apparently broken vis a vis using counter intelligence assets to spy on the US political process.


If Assange is not guilty of conspiracy, then he should be cleared. If he is guilty, and did in fact try to access US Government data servers (or even use codes Manning gave him) then I hope they give him a 20 year stretch.

It looks like he encouraged Manning and if there was a bi-directional set of communications there then he is likely guilty of espionage or some charges that are related.

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Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said the nation withdrew Assange's asylum status "after his repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols".

There was a comment on one of the infosec groups on FB to the effect that Assange was really really not a good roomie. Amusing to think that his future housing will have steel bars because of the stink of cat urine.


Thought; could the Trump administration's zeal be partly driven by the anger in the security, intel, and diplo communities in the swamp? After all, Manning isn't exactly breaking rocks in the desert sun.


Along with the oddity of the IMF funds, apparently the only Swedish charges that haven't aged out are the rape charges, and those expire sometime in 2020. So Sweden of all the parties had reason to push for the now.


Also, is Pamela Anderson working for a 3-letter agency as a contractor? Asking for a friend.

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Regarding the last part, you really are an ass.

It's his accent ya know.



No, I just say what I think, not be spoonfed on what I listen to on youtube channels. Others should try it in my humble opinion.


Bit more detail on why Ecuador kicked him out. One should never urinate on ones own doorstep, but I guess he figured he was letting his cat urinate everywhere else, so why not.


Julian Assange ‘accessed Ecuador’s security files’ from inside embassy, President says JULIAN Assange breached Ecuador’s security from inside the embassy to access confidential files without permission, the country’s President has claimed.


Lenín Moreno said Assange installed electronic equipment, blocked security cameras, was rude to security guards, and accessed files in the embassy without permission. Ecuador’s patience has “reach its limit”, he said, in a lengthy statement issued after President Moreno invited UK police into the London embassy to arrest Assange. Assange was dragged out of the Kensington embassy this morning, after spending seven years holed up inside having sought asylum.


Police said they had been invited into the embassy by the Ecuadorian Ambassador after the country withdrew his asylum.

He has been taken to custody in central London police station, having been arrested for failing to surrender to Westminster Magistrates’ Court in June 2012.

Mr Moreno said: “Two days ago Wikileaks, Mr Assange’s allied organisation, threatened the government of Ecuador. “My government has nothing to fear and does not act under threats. “Ecuador is guided by the principles of law, complies with international law and protects the interests of Ecuadorians.”

He added: “He particularly violated the norm of not intervening in the international affairs of other states. “The most recent incident occurred in January 2019 when wikiLeaks leaked Vatican documents. “Key members of that organisation visited Mr Assange before and after such illegal acts.


“This and other publications have confirmed the world’s suspicion that Mr Assange is still linked to Wikileaks and therefore involved in interfering in internal affairs of other states. “The patience of Ecuador has reached its limit to the behaviour of Mr Assange.

"He installed electronic and distortion equipment not allowed. He blocked the security cameras of the Ecuadorian Mission in London. He has confronted and mistreated guards. He had accessed security files of our Embassy without permission.

“He claimed to be isolated and rejected the internet connection offered by the embassy and yet he had a mobile phone with which he communicated with the outside world.

“While Ecuador upheld the generous conditions of his asylum, Mr Assange legally challenged in three difference instances the legality of the protocol.”

Mr Moreno attacked Assange for his “discourteous and aggressive behaviour”.

Edited by Stuart Galbraith
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7:30 p.m.

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has told The Associated Press that Julian Assange is confined to a cell at Belmarsh Prison, a grim facility in southeast London.

He said conditions at the sprawling prison offer some advantages, however over the embassy where Assange lived for nearly seven years without taking a step outside. Assange was arrested Thursday.

And the WikiLeaks founder should finally be able to receive badly needed medical care for a shoulder problem and tooth pain now that he is out of the Ecuadorian embassy and in prison, Hrafnsson added.

"There are medical facilities there, access to dental care I would assume and a garden to go out into," he said.

He added that it is now much easier for Assange to meet with his legal team in prison than it was at the embassy, where a feud with Ecuadorian authorities had led to a ban of most guests.

He said Assange is in relatively good mental condition considering the stress of recent days.

The 47-year-old hacker faces sentencing for jumping bail in Britain and possible extradition to the United States.

9:45 a.m.

France's government says it won't consider offering Julian Assange political asylum unless he asks for it.

Assange's French lawyer has appealed to French President Emmanuel Macron to intervene to bring the WikiLeaks founder from a London jail to France and help him avoid extradition to the United States.

Lawyer Juan Branco told The Associated Press on Thursday that Macron should offer mediation and to "take this man under our protection." He said Assange has a small child in France.

France's secretary of state for European affairs, Amelie de Montchalin, said Friday on France-Inter radio that while Europe has special measures to protect whistleblowers, France hasn't received a formal request from Assange. She said "we should listen to what he wants to do" but "we don't offer asylum to someone who's not asking for it."

Macron hasn't commented publicly.

Assange was arrested Thursday in London and faces U.S. charges related to WikiLeaks' publication of tens of thousands of classified government documents.

9 a.m.

The leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party says the government should oppose the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States.

Jeremy Corbyn said in a tweet that the U.S. is trying to extradite Assange because he exposed "evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Diane Abbott, Labour's spokeswoman for domestic affairs, told the BBC on Friday that the government should block the extradition on human rights grounds. Assange was arrested Thursday at the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

Abbott says the U.S. case against Assange is about the "embarrassment of the things he's revealed about the American military and security services."

She says Assange is "a whistleblower, and much of the information that he brought into the public domain, it could be argued, was very much in the public interest."

And this is where it gets truly murky.

3:40 p.m.

Ecuador's interior minister says a Swedish software developer the country alleges was helping WikiLeaks blackmail the South American government visited Julian Assange, the founder of the anti-secrecy group, on 12 occasions while he was cooped up at Ecuador's embassy in London.

Minister Maria Paula Romo also said Ola Bini, arrested Thursday at Quito's airport preparing to board a flight to Japan with at least 30 digital storage device, traveled to Venezuela this year at the same time as former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa's foreign minister.

Correa granted Assange asylum in 2012 and has been leading a campaign to expose corruption by his hand-picked successor turned arch enemy Lenin Moreno

An Ecuadorian criminal defense attorney who said he expected to represent Bini had no immediate comment on the Swede's detention. Milton Salazar said he did not yet know what, if any, charges Bini faced and had not yet met with him.

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No, I just say what I think, not be spoonfed on what I listen to on youtube channels.

No, you just make arguments that are on the same intellectual level as 'Orange Man Bad' whilst pointing to those who make similar arguments. If you took the time to listen, you might find that you agree with some of the points raised.



Others should try it in my humble opinion.

Yes, you SHOULD.

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Amusing to think that his future housing will have steel bars because of the stink of cat urine.



In my experience, cat urine rusts steel very effectively - a fact that a glance at my gun cabinet will sadly confirm.

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Jeremy Corbyn has privately expressed concern that evidence of anti-Semitism within Labour was "mislaid or ignored", leaked recordings suggest.

The Sunday Times has released part of a conversation the party leader had with Dame Margaret Hodge, which she taped.

The Barking MP has been a fierce critic of Mr Corbyn's stance on anti-Semitism.

A Labour spokesman said the tape showed Mr Corbyn's desire for "robust and efficient" procedures and to "rebuild trust with the Jewish community".

Throughout much of his leadership, Mr Corbyn has been dogged by criticism from within the party about his handling of anti-Semitism claims.

Last year he became embroiled in a row with Dame Margaret over the issue, which saw the party launch - and then drop - disciplinary action against the long-serving Jewish MP.


She secretly recorded a conversation between the pair in February, as Mr Corbyn talked over a plan to recruit former cabinet minister Lord Falconer to review the party's complaints process.

"Just to reassure you, he's not going to be running the system; he's not entitled to do that," the Labour leader says on the tape, which was given to the Sunday Times.

"He will look at the speed of dealing with cases, the administration of them and the collation of the evidence before it's put before appropriate panels... because I was concerned that it was either being mislaid, ignored or not used, and there had to be some better system."


In March, Dame Margaret claimed Mr Corbyn had misled her - or been misled by his staff - over assurances the leader's office was not involved in disciplinary procedures.

Labour dismissed the suggestion as "categorically untrue".

Last week, the Jewish Labour Movement voted to pass a motion of no confidence in the Labour leader.

Its national secretary Peter Mason said reports of delays, inaction and interference from the leader's office showed the party's processes were "incapable of dealing with anti-Jewish racism".

'Vile racism'

Dame Margaret is among seven Labour MPs to write to the Sunday Times this weekend, calling for a "fully independent body" to deal with complaints of racism, harassment and bullying.

They complain of "a growing backlog of unresolved cases of vile racism".

"Despite telling us things are better, the party has clearly failed to get to grips with its anti-Semitism problem," the letter says.

"The current complaints system is broken. There must be a real change at the top of the party."

'Fully investigated'

However, a Labour spokesman said: "The Labour Party takes all complaints of anti-Semitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.

"All complaints about anti-Semitism are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken."

A party source told the BBC that before Jennie Formby became general secretary a year ago, there had been concerns that Jewish activists not in breach of rules were targeted, while efforts to tackle clear cut cases of anti-Semitism were obstructed.

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Amusing to think that his future housing will have steel bars because of the stink of cat urine.



In my experience, cat urine rusts steel very effectively - a fact that a glance at my gun cabinet will sadly confirm.


Pray tell how your cat(s) got into your gun cabinet??

Isn't this something that is supposedly locked — even assuming the nanny state allows you to have 1/ guns 2/at home?

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The raison d'être of a cat is being a remorseless killing machine, and looking good while hunting (or sleeping). You can't be good at being a predator and second-guess your morality at the same time. I would even posit that morality is a "prey thing", mice and their brethren trying to win the debate while being total losers in the physical space. It's not the cat's fault that mice are tasty.

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Im sure the Neighbours wouldnt object. Well at least until their dogs and children started disappearing anyway. Would need a skip full of kitty litter too I suppose.

Curiosity question, how much coffee in relation to tea is drunk in Britain? Specifically, if possible, the manly way -- black -- without the contamination of sugar, creams, flavorings (or is that flavourings ^_^ )?

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Well I cant speak for others, but I still drink tea. Now decaf because I have to. There is a rising popularity coffee shops on the high street though, offering pretty much any variety you want. But if I was a guessing man, I would suppose that when people get home, they still drink tea for the most part.


Just my perspective for what its worth.

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Most of the stuff available at high street cafes is now unbranded or alt-branded Starbucks, including the now Coca-Cola owned Costa.


Whether any od that is coffee is debatable, but then Americans don't know how to make tea either.


I drink coffee at work, poncy coffee in the morning at weekends and tea if I'm not drinking pop in the afternoons and evenings.

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I dont really get the obsession over the various kind of coffee you can get, Costa Rican, Latte, Batguano, whatever.I get scared by some peoples attitude and their dedication to coffee, it has to have the right temperature, the right blend,squeezed the right way, brew for the right amount of time. It sounds strangely ritualistic. I think that kind of puts me off strangely.


Tea, well you can get green tea which hardly anyone drinks, or Typhoo, whom only Monkeys now apparently drink, and Yorkshire tea, which upsets people its not brewed in Yorkshire. There is something pleasingly simplistic about tea, and non serious.

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