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"Two chassis were set aside for an A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank) based on a March 1918 order from the Signal Troops. Surviving drawings show a conventional A7V tank with multiple aerials and a 'clothes-line' antenna circling the roof. The Graben-Funkstation 16 radio transmitter was tested for use on the A7V tank, but it is unclear if any radio-command tanks were ever built"


German Panzers 1914-1918 S. J Zaloga 14.p



something strange...

i'v never heard about the A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank), even one shot of photo

and these information are only managed in "German Panzers 1914-1918 S. J Zaloga"

the book has mentioned about the "Surviving drawings", but there is no photo



no photo, no more information




is there possibility of A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank)?




first, we have to know how it look like


"Two chassis were set..."


this mean the A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank) is not A7V 'Tank'

it based on Gelandwagen





the Gelandwagen and the A7Vtank have same chassis

no gun and no armor

so if the german army made the A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank), they used a Gelandwagen like A7V-Flak and A7V-Schutenzengrabenbaggertrench










and i found this few day's ago





information of this radio





"This field radio was designed and manufactured by German company Telefunken in 1918. It is part of a larger field set used by the German military towards the end of World War I. Although this early radio was used by those trained in its intricacies it had strong visual elements to guide them."



i think it could be used on the A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank)




but this is all my guess


is there any real record about this A7V-Funkpanzer(radio tank)?

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Hundleby and Strasheim have a drawing of a "Nachrichtenvermittelungswagen" that shows a normal A7V armored body with an aerial strung up around the roof. It looks like 2 MGs were kept as armament, and they allege that "[n]o examples of these vehicles were produced."

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