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Weird In-Game Store Issue & Qb's Xvm Mod Pack

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Just and FYI...


So I'm running QuickyBabys XVM mod pack. Basically XVM plus the optics and render distance markers. It also tracks your shots that penetrate and how much damage they do.


Since 9.8 and through 9.8.1 whenever there is a sale event -- like last weekends 50% off equipment -- the in-game store will stop working during the even. So you cant buy equipment through the store. However -- and this is the weird part -- as soon as the sale event is over the in-game store works fine. This happened with both 9.8 and 9.8.1 but I didnt realize it was the QB Mod until it happened again with 9.8.1.


What I've been told through various forum chat rooms is that QBs 9.8 and 9.8.1 mod packs are creating the issue. But it appears to be a combination of something that occurs when a sale event is activated and presumably something within the QB mod pack that "breaks" the store. QB's mod basically just replaces three folders in the res-mods folder...i.e. its not a black-box installer. You pretty much have to replace the three folders manually via Windows Explorer or whatever.

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Unfortunately reinstall may be your only option. I have a second computer with the game installed and have had issues in the past where I just transferred the folder over. To make it even simpler over the last few patches, before I install any mods, I now just make a copy of the folder on my main pc that I can use to replace the one in-game in case there are any issues.


It's unfortunate WG's mod system is so archaic. Other games have options where you can uninstall or just turn them off and play the game like normal.

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