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It will be this month, 0.4.0 is the OB patch. No actual date but pre-order sales 23:59 on the 24th. Beta rewards will be based on number of games played before 23:59 on the 23rd (tonight) and I assume that only PVP battles count.




Account levels – based on the number of battles played
While we are taking all your Experience away, we are returning some of your hard earned account levels!
Level 2: 5 battles played
Level 3: 10 battles played
Level 4: 20 battles played
Level 5: 35 battles played
Level 6: 49+ battles played
Flags – based on the number of battles played compared to other players
Believe us, you want these. They're not easy to come by and will give you a huge boost during the OBT.
Top 1% of players: 40 flags (of each type)
Next top 10%: 20 flags
Next top 30%: 10 flags
The remaining 59%: 2 flags
Signal flags will become visible only after unlocking Account Level 7.
Commander(s) for tier I ships – based on the number of battles played compared to other players
Top 1% of players: 9 skill points
Next top 10%: 7 skill points
Next top 30%: 5 skill points
The remaining 59%: 3 skill points
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I was finally able to download the patch. But I didn't have time to log in. So I have no idea what I have lost or kept. After work I will try.


Hope I can get the Warspite again. Really bad timing going on a trip earlier this week. Didn't get back until late the 24th.

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The Warspite is in the game, I opened it up with my silver intact and my 3 commanders had their accumulated skill points free, so my Japanese Cruiser Capitan has 7 skill points to use. Still at low tiers, but fire does not seem as bad as it was. A lot of people playing peek a boo tactics behind islands

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Open Beta probably starts next week, right now it is still technically CBT but their will be no further wipes so the CBT players are getting a headstart on OB.

I'm going to guess this is why I didn't have my free XP and gold from WoT when I logged in. :glare:

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more to the point, it would seem only premium days will be ported across, not free xp

Wait... what?! Have they neutered unified accounts even further?! If so, they're basically fucking useless now.

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I read about that elsewhere. There's some bug with the launch of WoWs. Give it a few days and it should hopefully be rectified.

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Quick and dirty solution:

Start WoT/WoWp

Log out / exit the game

Start WoWs

Give it a minute or so in the dock

Exit WoWs

Start WoT/WoWp - everything should be good now.



Definite solution should come on tuesday with a micropatch.

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Guess I haven't played a lot, I got level 6, arkansas with captain with 3 points and the other 2 captains have 5 points.


Will there be another wipe after open beta?

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I assume when the game goes to release they will fully unify accounts.

Just saw this.


I really hope this is the case. I'll have enough free XP to jump to the Cleveland and sit there if I get connected to my WoT account. Don't really feel like playing low tiers with the large tier spreads still in game.


Speaking of... why in the world is WoWs not 2 tier spread like in WoT? NA server has had more than enough pop, even in CB, to support that since NA West on WoT has similar numbers and manages quick games with the WoT MM at all tiers.

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Is there a way to change to window mode from full screen?


Can you set premium ships so that the xp goes to commander/crew instead of just building up?



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Colin I have tried to unclick full screen and then applied. I exited the game and then went back in. It was still full screen. What am I doing wrong?

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