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It is coming fairly soon, I assume 4.x will be the open beta version. WG is setting up a test server for it that will be open from June 19 to June 21. Info on the test server and over view of 4.0 here http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/sea-trials-common-test-040/


Lots of changes, but nothing about HE vs AP performance, fires or CV plane tier mismatches.

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Lots of changes, but nothing about HE vs AP performance, fires or CV plane tier mismatches.

Yeah, who cares about fixing really broken and poorly thought out mechanics?

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Been posting in the wrong thread. Oh well.


My concern about this going OB and us being stuck with shit carrier interplay was just displayed to me in my second game in the IJN line. It's just me, tier 4, against a USN CV, tier 5, on the other team. I only have one fighter composition setup at tier 4, 1xfighter and 2xTB.


I see early on he has 2 fighter groups and he's charging my TBs which are trying to go edge of map. I pull them back, as well as my fighter, and park them over an upgraded Wyoming which is sailing right near me. You have my AA (upgraded with some captain perks), the Wyoming's, and my fighter group (upgraded as well with captain perks) against 2 of his. There's really not much else I can do on my own.


He flies in and kills all 12 of my planes and loses... 2.


/throws arms into air


So... I'd genuinely love to hear from someone how this is 'fun' and what other options I could have done? I basically parked the few surviving planes I had in my carrier the rest of the game and sailed around doing dick. He could just park his planes right over any AA and take mine out with impunity.


Where's the fun in that? Where are my options to upend him? Where's the good gameplay in that?


This is why carriers needed to be overhauled. Welcome to arty 2.0. :angry:

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I just uninstalled Warships and Tanks and left it for good. Started World of Tanks in July 2010, and it's the only game I've played since and I've ploughed 4-figures into my account. With Warships it's patently evident that the developer has zero interest in balancing enjoyment and challenge, and is content like Wargaming did with Tanks and release meta-breaking game elements* without proper testing and refuse to fix them, such as the total imbalance of IJN carriers at high tiers (Because a 40+ plane strike force that can wipe out an opposing carrier loaded with nothing but fighters that are an alleged hard counter through sheer numbers is fair how?) and the fire potential on ships. If the developer can't see it from the reams of data they get (Because it's evident they don't look at replays or player reviews), nothing's going to change. So if it's not going to provide me with enjoyment, there's no sense in me investing time and money into the game.


*Literally this week Storm said in a Q&A more than once that the Waffentraeger E-100 is still broken and they don't know how to fix it. So Wargaming essentially admits they released a totally broken element into the game without realizing it through proper testing, and for 2 years now have been unable to fix it. So what do you think they will do with Warships?

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I don't blame FCO one bit. I spent all day on the test realm and while, yes, there are some nice things in the patch overall it was another version of the game that just left me scratching my head wondering what the devs are thinking.


Carrier play took another step in the wrong direction. HE spam and fires are still there and only alleviated somewhat by gold consumables but the latter are part of so many little things in this version of the game that just scream 'money-grab'.


You want to have a useful Repair ability with 1/3 less CD? Gonna have to use a gold consumable. Want to use manual drops on that CV captain of yours? Gonna have to spend gold to retrain him fully when he moves to the next ship. Want to skip several ships in a line that's been poorly balanced for months? Better spend gold to convert that XP to free XP. Want to reduce your spotting distance or make it harder for enemies to hit you? Better spend credits for camo for one game instead of for days or permanently like in WoT. Can you see how expensive that will get over time? :blink:

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I'll probably keep playing, I find it fun in small doses but I am nowhere near as hooked as I was with WoT. HE spam and fires bug me but the carrier mechanics turned me off in alpha and for the most part I don't really care what they do with them so long as they aren't an auto win button. They have things to fix and I don't think I'll be spending any more than my $60 preorder on it until they do.

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Looks like another batch of changes for 0.4.0 apparently the PT server will be upgraded at 14:00 eastern tomorrow. Probably the big news is that the manual drop skill has been removed. I assume that means the ability to manual drop will be available all the time as it is in the current CBT version, but it's WG so you never know.


Interface changes:
Fixed error that lead to line with NA indicator in the Result screen
Speed in ships characteristics in Port is not rounded off any more and is equal to numbers in battle
Fixed message text when it was impossible to automatically refill signals
Fixed error that lead to incorrect information on charges displayed in Results screen (without taking in consideration multipliers and modifiers)
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect prices color coding for research / purchase in upgrade tree
Fixed a bug that caused the icon of the elite ship not displayed on Results screen
Fixed a bug that caused camera in binocular mode to sometimes change direction without the participation of the player
Improved visibility of the modernization slots on the water as background Changed the icons in the ships upgrade tree
Fixed a bug that caused the teamkiller status not displayed when searching for division-mate
Ships and maps changes:
Fixed a bug that caused Main Guns to target ships out of Gun Range
Changes Zao: armor strengthened, increased speed and reduced fire rate compared to the previous patch
Changed aircraft groups for high-tier carriers
Fixed a bug that leads to an improved engine not affecting the speed of the ship
Commander's skill "Manual Control" has been removed
Decreased AA middle-range aura strength for North Carolina
Deleted invisible obstacle in B3 and A7 sectors of Islands map
Other changes:
Fixed error that caused shallow visual artifacts to appear when switching to Tactical map
Changed torpedo trace visual effect settings
Changed smoke screen visual effect settings
Removed memory leaks in port
Fixed error that lead to client crash if player logged in via a different PC
Fixed error that lead to occasional client crash at the moment of destroying player's ship
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0.4.0 goes live tomorrow on the NA servers but will not mark the start of open beta. Apparently CBT people are getting a head start and there will be no further wipes. So if you have purchased gold in CBT be careful how you spend it after tomorrow because you won't be getting refunds. Patch notes are on the main WoWs page. One surprise is:




Unified Premium Account
Update 0.4.0 brings Unified Premium Account from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes into World of Warships, meaning you will be able to reap the benefits of having a Premium account shared across all of your games.
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Very confused. My WoWS launcher says update canceled. Game starts as 3.1.9(Or something). Seems normal though. Other players are on.


Is OBT up? I am starting a download of public test 0.4.0. Which I got the impression was OBT. Is it?


Where are we?

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I got the same error, so I enabled torrents (click the wrench icon check the box) and am pulling down the update now. Haven't bothered to check server status yet but the maintenance was supposed to be from 4 am to 7 am pacific time so I don't expect the server to be up for at least another hour.

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I think the server died and had to be rebuilt. In any case it's up now. Humble bundle buyers have not yet received their stuff, I'm sure something will be announced at some point, but for now there seems to be a lot of butt hurt about it in chat.

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Well they announced the humble bundle disposition. Turns out they were mistaken and it was only meant to be active during the cbt. My apologies to anyone who contributed based on my posting of the incorrect information provided by their community reps. Needless to say I will not spend another dollar on any WG game or product.

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