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What Makes The Game Fun For You?

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Somebody asked this question in a game I was in. Thought it would make for an interesting conversation.


For me it depends on how far down the team list I am. Beyond half way up and it's 'okay I can have a good game here', towards the bottom and it's 'okay already blown up.' Some where in the middle and it's 'let's do our best.'

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For me it's playing at a high level. On a team with good players who all know the basics, know how to work together, and implementing a well thought out plan...


Unfortunately such a thing just doesn't exist on the NA server (which is why I don't play much anymore). The overwhelming majority of purples are lazy and don't want to put in the work to do competitive play right since they can get by just fine against the hordes of mouthbreathers out there that let them get enough winnings (be it CW or tournies) to get by. The one clan that apparently does put in the work, occasionally, is full of assholes. Like most games WoT has been around so long that attrition is outstripping new blood so starting new and doing it right just isn't an option.

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Best no.1

The rare games when you, "instinctively", work with another player without need to communicate via chat.


Best no.2

Being underdog and owning.


Best no.3

When you predict, in a positive way, what is going to happen, and it does.

I'll second #1. That's also quite enjoyable for me and I posted about one such experience not too long ago in the Good Guys thread. Unfortunately these evens are so rare that their occasional luster isn't enough to overcome the daily slogfest that is typical pub play.


For me #3 is similar but for me it's when on a team full of mouthbreathers, they do something stupid, I call it (and let them know), and it plays out just like I expected. About the only way to get anything remotely enjoyable out of a waste of time.

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I play because I like tanks. With > 22K battles and a mouth breather win-rate I am doing it wrong but I still like it. Yes it is frustrating at times. Maybe more so lately. I still play when I can.

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