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Because, Canada


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Guest Jason L

Huzzah, Canada! Win for shooters!! :D


Swiss Arms and Cz858 Prohibition Reversed: Canadian Timeline & Gallery


The depressing thing is the amount of good we could have done in desperately needed federal jurisdiction infrastructure, urban homelessness, and post secondary educational funding (all things that need some major TLC), instead of shoveling money into an open fire pit that is Canadian gun control.

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This is avictory over the public servants. They banned the weapons because they looked scary


We have an even more bizarre case

Picture a 22 cal

Picture the workings identical

Barrels are the same length

Magazine is the same

Comes in two stocks

One a Mauser type wooden one and the other with an ak47 style stock in plastic


One is unristricted. The other is prohibited


I bet you can guess which is which lol


We need this govt votes back in to keep the public service in check.

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New York Times whining. Enjoy, Free Canadians.


The Closing of the Canadian Mind

Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, is creating a legacy of secrecy and ignorance. Credit


Hello NYT, Obama! Duh!

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CRESTON, B.C. -- Conservation officers are looking for a cheetah seen wandering the snowy roads of southeastern British Columbia.

RCMP in Creston said the cheetah was spotted along Highway 3A on Thursday at about 4:30 p.m. in the Crawford Bay and Kootenay Bay areas.

A motorist who saw the animal sent photos to police. The witness told RCMP the animal appeared to be wearing an orange cloth collar.


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