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Meanwhile In Balkans...

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Date 28.11.2020

Montenegro expels Serbian ambassador over 'meddling'

Serbia's ambassador to Montenegro, Vladimir Bozovic, has been declared "persona non grata" by the Montenegro government. Serbia mirrored the move, but the row between one-time close allies might turn out short-lived.

As Montenegro prepares to name a new government, the incumbent cabinet close to veteran strongman Milo Djukanovic accused Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic of "meddling into the internal affairs of Montenegro" and ordered him to leave the small Adriatic country.

The expulsion comes in response to Bozovic's "behavior and statements incompatible with the usual and acceptable standards of diplomacy," said Montenegro's Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

Specifically, the ministry pointed to Bozovic's recent praise of the 1918 Podgorica assembly which decided to join Montenegro with Serbia and accept Serbian King Petar I as its sovereign.

The history of Montenegro's statehood is a particularly painful issue in the smaller nation, as Montenegro only regained full independence after a 2006 referendum. Nearly 30% of Montenegrin citizens consider themselves ethnic Serbs.

In their statement, Montenegro's Foreign Ministry slammed the 1918 assembly as "illegal and illegitimate."

Hours later, Serbia retaliated by expelling Montenegro's envoy in Belgrade, Tarzan Milosevic.



... wait, what, Ambassador Tarzan Milosevic?! 🤣

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Last grasps of the Djukanovic's dog and pony show ("we pretend we are against Vucic, but actually fincance him and do a shady work with him").

As for name... :) Names such as Tarzan, Dzontravolta (bastardized John Travolta), Sandokan, Kasandra, Isaura, Konan and few other were quite common among Roma, "Turkish" (mostly Muslim Roma) and Albanian population in ex-Yugoslavia. With the popularity of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there was more than one Leonardo, Raphael etc...

My mother worked as a psychologist in the Belgrade suburb primary school (1978-2013) that had a considerably portion of Roma and "Turkish" children, every generation had at least half dozen - dozen of such names.

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Towards the end of the DDR there was a certain trend to "exotic" names for kids, some inspired by socialist brother countries, but many obviously not - Chantal, Cindy, Kevin, Mandy, Ronny, (En)Rico, Sandro, Sandy. I always took it as an expression of desire for the world East Germans were barred from. 

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On 11/30/2020 at 8:58 PM, bd1 said:

and i thought that my friend who named his son Neo after first Matrix movie (actually ´his-own-name-Neo´) was bit weird. but then i realised, it was not weirder than Jr. , like ´John Jr.´ 

"Neo" is weird.

'John Jr.', "John XYZ the third" etc always seemed weird to me until I realised that there are some cultures that do it. I was commenting about that to Spanish colleague and he told me that actually that is common also in Spain.

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On 11/5/2020 at 6:23 PM, bojan said:

Wait to see how many witnesses disappear or miraculously change testimony at the last moment.

And we got a first one. "Found dead in the mountains".

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